Should the United States pass an immigration law?

  • Having a immigration law that benefits immigrants.

    Proving some type of permit to immigrants who are in the United States illegally can benefit the countries economy by having immigrants file and pay taxes. It can also give opportunity to start new business as well as expand existing business around. Educational wise it can help the United States it can have more career oriented individuals.

  • Immigrants are people too!

    Immigrants are people too, and they should be allowed in because they are fleeing from a life of poverty, and in some cases, like in El Salvador, they are fleeing death and rape, and beatings. They need a better place to live, because where they come from could be much, much worse than the USA.

  • Why should another law be passed?

    If I recall correctly, we already have immigration laws. How does allowing illegal immigrants to work here and take jobs from actual American citizens help our economy? How about we try to enforce the laws we already have. This is the only country that gives these aliens welfare and benefits without penalty.

  • Why pass more laws

    We have lots of immigration laws on the books now, and no one pays any attention to them. So why pass more laws to ignore. Start enforcing the laws we already have. Society today has enough laws, what the left wants is a law that allows them to ignore current laws. It's just a way to buy votes

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