Should the United States pass legislation that stops giant companies from outsourcing jobs abroad?

  • Yes, pass this legislation.

    Yes, pass this legislation. It is a terrific idea because it will ensure jobs for our citizens as well as provide the companies profit on goods sold in America. We must be one of the only countries that does not look out for our populace. We should be more concerned with our fellow Americans.

  • It's hurting America

    Yes, the United States should pass legislation to stop outsourcing, because Americans need jobs in the United States. We can't all be business owners, and the outsourcing of jobs makes it hard for people to work in America. That's why so many Americans have given up looking for work. If you want to sell to Americans, you should be prepared to employ Americans to do the selling.

  • U.S. law needs to stop the outsourcing of jobs

    There needs to be some strong legal guidelines for corporations to limit the number of jobs that are outsourced abroad. American workers need to be given the priority to work and compete for jobs that are benefiting from the U.S. economy and technology. It is typical for giant companies to look for the cheapest labor force but we can not afford to lose jobs.

  • Do not pass this legislation.

    When companies that creates valuable goods and services are forced to choose to associate with another organization based on its status of domesticity rather than its quality and cost, higher prices or worse products are passed onto the public. Banning the outsourcing of labor effectively destroys the global market's capacity for competition and makes the United States a weaker player on the world stage. Free trade has been frequently documented as an effective tool for removing developing nations from the grip of poverty, and to ignore this fact for the sake of moral irrelevancies such as borders is misguided. Finally, when the government mandates employers to ignore price signals communicate throughout an organically operating market, any gains in jobs are negated by an increased cost in living expenses as a result of price increases. This inevitably leads to lower quality of living for everyone.

  • Against the Constitution

    The United States should NOT pass legislation that stops giant companies from outsourcing jobs abroad, its unconstitutional on many fronts. We can try to offer incentives to mega corporations to entice them to hire American workers but at the end of the day, it is up to them to find the best way to run their business.

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