• More gun legislation

    I wouldn't call the legislation anti-gun, but we do need more gun control. It is ridiculous that the second amendment has been taken to mean that people need semiautomatic weapons and have a right to own ammunition that can pierce kevlar. Lack of sufficient background checks leads to mass killing situations as well.

  • Yes, I believe the United States should pass more anti-gun legislation.

    Yes, I believe the United States should pass more anti-gun legislation because gun violence in America is one of the highest in the world for a developed country. In America, it is very easy to get a firearm and this needs to change. Criminals and mentally disturbed people have been abusing the Second Amendment and using the weapons to commit mass murders and shootings.

  • We need to leave a safer country for the next generation

    I fully believe that the US should pass more anti-gun legislation. Too many criminals are able to get their hands on a gun and use it to commit crimes. And it's not just criminals, careless gun owners are not securing their weapon, and there are too many cases of children finding and accidentally firing these guns. People kill people, but it's much easier when you can obtain a gun so easily.

  • The United States needs stricter gun laws

    The United States should pass more anti-gun regulation. The number of deaths is increasing, and civilians have no need for semi-automatic weapons. These are purely for the military. Increased gun ownership does not decrease violence. It also increases the risk of accidental shootings. We should certainly do more background checks to ensure those that are dangerous do not obtain guns.

  • 2nd amendment was created for a reason

    The 2nd amendment isn't there to let you hunt deer with an AR-15. The 2nd amendment is there so your government will fear you and not enslave you. If everyone had a gun and knew how to use it, mass shootings wouldn't happen because the shooter would immediately be put down. Guns don't kill people. People kill people. Its idiotic to think that outlawing something keeps it out of the hands of an outlaw.

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