• Is this a question?

    This is a horrible part of the US that needs to be changed soon. It could easily and quickly cause the collapse of America from another country, and could weaken our government greatly. FIX THE DEBT NOW OR LOSE AMERICA. TAX THE MIDDLE CLASS THE CAN AFFORD IT!! SAVE AMERICA!!!

    Posted by: BenL
  • Yes Yes Yes

    Seriously is this a question? The rich pay way more than they should. Obama says on BarackObama.Com "We need to make the rich pay their fare share." They do Mr. Obama. OH YEAH NOW I REMEMBER. Obama redistributes wealth from the rich to the poor. That is ridiculous. Yes we should get rid of the debt. If we don't...POOF!! China takes over us and America collapses.

  • There's kind of no choice.

    It's either pay off our $16 trillion debt, or deal with inflation. If we don't pay our debt, the dollar bill won't be worth anything, and POOF! It will be the fall of the United States, with the extra twist of a domino effect. Would you like THAT to happen?

  • Of Course It Should

    Germany wants to pay off their debt and so do we. Well, as we I mean the USA not President Obama. Obama wants to continue to spend us into oblivion and establish his socialist haven. It will be interesting to see how Congress plays things out in the upcoming years.

  • The debt needs to go!

    The United States is in way over its head in debt and we need to pay it off. Many nations around the world are now putting limits on the Dollar and some are not even accepting the dollar anymore. This is hurting our economy and we need to put an end to it before our grandkids have to fall into a greater economic depression.

  • The Debt needs to go

    Right now, our debt is almost at 20 trillion dollars, and while it is growing, Obama still financially supports other countries with 40-50 billion dollars a year, if half of that would go to paying of debt, than it would be gone much sooner than just continue growing. The sum is just ridiculous.

  • according to Alan Greenspan...

    You see debt is a good thing, it gives the government more control. We need more tax breaks for the rich, to keep the debt firmly in place! Http://www.Federalreserve.Gov/boarddocs/testimony/2001/20010125/default.Htm

    Reagan appointed him head of the Federal Reserve, and he stayed there all the way to Obama. I mean presidents are not retards right?

    (let's play spot the fallacies!)

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Bullish says2013-05-03T21:22:11.993
You guys do realize that the U.S. Will most likely just default it's debt... Because of those irresponsible b******s in Congress.