Should the United States provide more money for education?

Asked by: CDLee0116
  • Better American education

    I'm sure that USA is tired of being stereotyped for being a stupid country, and to counter this it would be wise to give everybody an education for free, like places like Britain. It gives people of poorer backgrounds a better opportunity to excel. This will also provide an improved infrastructure, and a solid future for the country.

  • There's no reason not to.

    There is absolutely no reason to not provide more money from education. Education is one of the things you need if you want to be successful. Education is very important, especially now. Education teaches reading, writing, math, etc. It also helps give people social skills skillsand teamwork capabilities. It just has so many benefits to life that it's utterly ridiculous to not put money into it!

  • Think about it

    Education is very important for our lives. We use math all the time, we use writing and reading too. Giving more money to education could supply schools, and help get better teachers. They would also not go out of business. Education is helping students learn, they study hard, because when they get older- they will become whatever they want to be. A artist, fashion designer, Gardner, and so on. We need education to provide them the things kids and students need. Without education, teacher wouldn't be able to teach- and there would be nothing called "school" in our dictionary. We need to give more money for education. Period.

  • Nope, nope nope.

    In California we keep raising the money, test scores stay the same. California is the highest in tax money towards schools... And for what? To be the state with the lowest scores. More money towards education does not create incentive, and more money towards teachers does not make them better teachers.

  • Compromise for education

    I think that the Government, who at the same time isn't necessarily fulfilling their part should make a greater push on the states to do their part. States are supposed to provide around 51% of the funding for schools in their districts. This seems to be a fading trend, many of the schools throughout the nation are on a declining slope due to a lack of sufficient funding. So while it wouldn't be bad to have the Government providing more money for education, it would be a greater start to start cracking down on the states to pay their part.

  • Look at the facts.

    I could make a long argument but there is simply no reason in this situation. We spend more on education every year, and yet our test grades keep getting lower. We have hemorrhaged money into the public school system and yet median grades are getting lower and lower.

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