Should the United States quit from the U.N and declare war on all of the countries in the U.N.?

Asked by: TheDebater321
  • We've been sitting on our nukes since Japan, they're bored

    Really, why are we putting up with all this insubordination? Don't they know we're the strongest country in the hootin hollerin world? We got the most guns, and the most tanks, and the most bombs, and we can prove it. Why are we waiting for north korea to catch up just so they can be a pain in our backsides? We should put these libs and fascists in their places, then take their oil.

  • Yes we should.

    Every one of those countries are evil Satan worshipers. The children of Christ must fight the non-believers! We must kill all the children, rape their wives, just as Yahweh instructed the ancient Israelites to do several times. Kill em' all! Burn them to the ground! TO THE GROUND!!!!! ! !

  • Mutually assured destruction.

    If the United States declared war on the rest of the world, regardless if it's military strength, then the resulting conflict would most likely be the last war humanity will know. The idea that we should engage in total war because, "Why not? We can win it!" Is probably one of the most insane things I have ever heard.

  • Why is this a question.

    Th other side terrifies me. Kill them because god said so? Or because our nukes are getting cold? That is a terrifying concept to hold. Those are the kin of concepts that makes other people hate us. I hope those comments where jokes, but if they weren't, some people need serious help.

  • No I do not

    Although it would be easy to - considering their headquarters are in New York, there are two reasons I say no. One because it is morally wrong and two because there would be a lot of rebellions. It would also go against the philosophy of the U.N, and we pledged an alliance together.

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