Should the united states redirect some of its military spending toward education

  • The us should redirect some of its military spending torward education

    The United States has a huge defense Some say that this is way too much and that in economically troubled times defense spending should be cut to provide funds for social services, while Education is a better way to promote peace than military spending.Spend billions of dollars a year incarcerating nonviolent ... Other large states are redirecting funds once spent on large residential facilities ... Ordered reforms which in some cases have cost millions of dollars.

  • We shouldn't redirect defense spending towards social services

    Why should we redirect defense spending towards social services, when we barely can't protect ourselves and the government. We all know that in order to care for our loved ones, the first priority is to protect. If we don't have protection over ourselves then how can protect others. In between caring and protecting, protecting always comes first.

  • We need money to defend our self in war especially with this president

    Our president wants to do things to upset other country. For example, in the meeting of all the leaders, he denied to sign a paper to help Europe in there ways of helping in global warming. This causes debate of our country not wanting to help stop global warming and other countries would get mad at us (i.E Europe). Also natural supplies are running out because of global warming so we would have to go into war and fight for it.

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