• Jury Selection Needs overhauled

    As with any mechanism, over time life around it advances and there are new needs that the mechanism must meet. The Jury System was created and mostly maintained in the same fashion for 200 years. The general selection process needs to be refined. As with most old mechanisms, alterations may be made along its history in order to make it work with the new standards. These alterations may be inefficient and even contradictory. This is how a bureaucracy is created. It is time to address the as a whole as opposed to patchwork.

  • Jury selection should be volunteer-based.

    The United States should refine its jury selection process because the way it is currently done is not effective. People are sent postcards in the mail to show up for jury duty. They are taken away from their daily routines, such as work and child care, and forced to take part in a jury selection process they probably don't want to be involved in. Jury duty should be done on a volunteer basis only. Just because a jury of peers is supposed to judge people, doesn't mean they should be forced to.

  • Present Jury Selection Process Should be Here to Stay

    Although the outcome in some trials may not be what was desired by either the plaintiff's, defendant's, or public's sides, and it may be tempting to place blame on the jury's conclusion, the jury selection process produces a panel of one's peers. As such, the selection process inherently has legal and procedural checks and balances to ensure, for the most part, a fair and impartial jury.

  • It makes no sense

    If jury selection is more selective then people would not be eligible for their civic duty, losing importance for people and furthering the justice process from the people. Taking more people away from the process will make the justice process seem more distant, and people will lose even more faith in it.

  • 12 Impartial People is Enough

    The jury selection process in the United States is just fine the way it is. Finding 12 impartial people is enough to convict or acquit someone. It's hard to find some people with high-profile cases, but enough impartiality can be found among a dozen people to find a reasonable doubt or not. The jury selection process is just fine the way it is now.

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