• Yes, right away.

    We have been in Iraw over a decade now. We overthrew Saddam and his regime, and now Saddam is long dead. We have trained their troops for over 10 years, and they can now fight their own battles. And we should never have been there anyway; there were no wpmds.

  • Yes, I think the United States should remove its presence from Iraq immediately.

    I think the War in Iraq has gone on for too long and has cost way too much money and we are not seeing the results that we need to see, I think a full withdraw of armed forces should be done immediately and the Iraq Government should resume all responsibility for security of their nation.

  • Yes, the time is now

    It has been a long time since we watched our own soil. It is time we bring those troops home and save money in the long run. It can't be our place to police the world, but we sure do try. The end result has gotten us nowhere. Its over, let it be over.

  • Yes, the USA needs to leave Iraq.

    I think the United States of America needs to remove its presence from the nation of Iraq immediately. I do not think that there is any benefit to the USA being in that country anymore. I think that it is time to leave and let Iraq deal with its own problems and issues.

  • We need to leave

    The United States should have never stepped foot in Iraq in the first place, the fact that we have been there for over twenty years is beyond ridiculous. I understand that people feel their people were being mistreated, but how are those people going to feel if a country comes into the United States making the same claims.

  • Iraq Needs Our Help Against ISIS

    Too many of the yes commenters see our presence in Iraq as a continuation of Bush's Iraq War. It's not. Obama pulled us out of that. We are not even back with boots on the ground. We have sent a few advisers and our conducting airstrikes on ISIS.

    Iraq wants us there. They requested our help against the ISIS militants. Iraq is an important American ally in the Middle East. Furthermore ISIS is an extremely dangerous group. If they are allowed to secure a permanent state that could be disastrous.

    What we should be doing is offering Iraq American boots on the ground. If Iraq says yes then we should not hesitate in crushing ISIS and helping the Iraqi government reestablish control. In the case of Syria we should be sending American troops to help the pro-democracy rebels fight Assad and ISIS.

    Innocent women and children are dying. They are executing people for their religious beliefs, for being born into the wrong families, and even for being gay. They have targeted entire religious and ethnic minorities. The Yazidis are being systematically attacked and exterminated by ISIS. If we do not do all we can to help protect the Iraqi people and persecuted groups like the Yazidis against these monsters we will be guilty of enabling genocide just as we were when we ignored Rwanda.

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