Should the United States repeal the Indecency Law?

Asked by: Propublicnudism2
  • When it pertains to simple nudity, yes.

    This is one of those examples of a non-violent crime that people can got to jail for a long time for. Unless you are doing something sexually explicit, which nudity by itself is not, what harm is it doing anyone? There was a few years ago a boy who streaked his high school football game, not only was he suspended but also put on the sex offenders list. This caused him to commit suicide. While the school had the right to take action against him, it was unjust for him to be put on the sex offenders list when he didn't sexually assault anyone. Save it for actual rapists and we solve a lot of problems. Why are people so offended by the human body anyway?

  • Nudism hurts nobody

    Why would anyone be hurt by seeing a naked body, either that of a male or female. Everyone sees someone naked everyday, even children and they do not seemed harmed by it. What I am saying is that when you have a bath or shower you see your naked body, so why would seeing somebody else naked be anymore harmful.

  • No. There will always be indecency.

    No. Although times are changing, and things that were once considered indecent may now be considered as commonplace, it is important to understand that there will always be a line that one should not cross. If we were repeal the indecency law, we would be opening our country up to any interpretation of what is decent. I wouldn't want to see a nude person standing in line next to a child at a fast food restaurant.

  • No they should not repeal the idecency law.

    The United States should leave the indecency law as in for it protects children and innocent bi standards from having to witness something that they would normally not choose to see. This protects children in many ways to help them not develop social issues or mental health issues later in life by no exposing them to such things.

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