Should the United States repeal universal health care?

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  • No, heathcare should be accessable to all.

    What makes a society great is how they treat the lowest of their people. By making health care expensive and unattainable by a large portion of the country, the country as a whole suffers. Universal health care cuts down on massive health bills and bankruptcies stemming from this. Some people are not as fortunate to have jobs that offer such a luxury.

  • The United States needs a universal healthcare program.

    Most developing countries throughout the world already have universal healthcare systems in place. Many consider it laughable that the country that purports to be the greatest in the world does not provide something as basic as healthcare to its citizens. Although there are some glitches in the early implementation of universal healthcare, over time those glitches will be worked out.

  • No, universal health care is essential

    If anything, the current universal health care needs to be improved upon. The United States is one of the only westernized, modern, first world countries without free basic universal health care. The universal health care currently available in the United States is not perfect, but it is a good first step toward revolutionizing the current health care standards.

  • No, the U.S. should not repeal universal health care.

    Universal health care is an important part of every developed nation that increases the life expectancy and quality of life for every citizen in a country. Compared to nations with universal coverage, the U.S. has lower expectancies for both, and universal coverage will help solve that problem to some degree. Furthermore, universal health care helps reduce the overall cost of care per person, since it reduces emergency cases that suck up a good percentage of total funds spent on care.

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