Should the United States scale back the War on Drugs?

  • Yes, we need to fight back against drugs!

    I believe that the United States needs to make the effort to fight back on drugs. A main issue in our society is drugs, such as students who have so much going for them, getting sucked into drugs and than leading them to more trouble. It is also putting people in serious health issues, as well as leading them to becoming poor.

  • Yes, mostly the punishments for offenders.

    Im still on the fence about whether Marijuana should be decriminalized, but I do agree that current punishments for possession of Marijuana is just too high (I think its 5 years for having an ounce). I do believe that those who manufacture and then sell the drug should still be punished, but just a little less, and that people who are busted for having Marijuana they were going to keep for themselves should have penalties significantly reduced.

  • Yes the War on Drugs should be scaled back

    Point of fact, I'd get rid of it entirely! It is a huge waste of police power, and of money, that all would be better served towards ACTUAL crime than the "crime" of ingesting something into your own body by your own choice. It is ridiculous that more people are incarcerated for drug usage, than for just about any other crime in the US today, and most of the time with harsher sentences to boot! It is insanity, and it needs to end. So yeah, the War on Drugs needs to not only be scaled back, but downright abolished.

  • Stop the Illogical, Racist War on Drugs

    Recreational drug use in America is roughly evenly distributed across race, class, and regional lines, yet for some reason the vast majority of those serving time for drug-related misdemeanors are almost exclusively black. Furthermore, most have no record of drug-use that has led to violent crime. This is not a fair targeting of the system, and it is not useful in preventing violence. It is an illogical, racist system that does not serve our country.

  • Bad guys need to be stopped

    No, if we scale back, we show the drug lords, that they won and can do what they want. We endanger our young people and make the live of millions more miserable. We also would show up as an unreliable partner to our neighbors to the south which is not only politically damaging but also economically. Scaling back now just leads to invest more to fight drug lords in the future.

  • The United States should not scale back the war on drugs

    The United States should not scale back the war on drug. Scaling back only make matter worse with the drug traffic and drug users. This matter should stop right now before it get to far. People should have the right to travel where ever they wish without being afraid of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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