Should the United States sign and ratify more treaties (yes) or become more protectionist (no)?

  • The More Open The Better

    I believe the United States should sign and ratify more treaties. This is something that benefits society on a global level and shouldn't been seen as a bad thing. Developing more protectionist policies would essentially close America off to parts of the global world, which hasn't worked for other countries that try it.

  • No we should stick to ourselves

    I think the United States should sign more treaties. We need to make sure we have peace with as many countries as possible and seek to help each other rather than be fearful. The more treaties the less war potential there is in the future. Less war is good for everyone.

  • It's a tough situation, but I say sign away.

    We're damned if we do and damned if we don't here in the United States. Signing and ratification of more treaties sends more jobs overseas and hurts the economy. But becoming protectionist means our goods get exported to countries slapping high tariffs on them, which also results in job loss and a bad economy. Might as well go for open economic borders and see what happens, I guess.

  • Global Community Needs More Treaties

    The United States need to sign and ratify more treaties. A peaceful world is better for the economy, increases trade and reduces war. Treaties also reduce nuclear weapons and make the United States a better player on the world stage. The U.S. shouldn't be more protectionist because we live in a global economy.

  • Protectionism leads to economic problems

    It's really a no win situation we have here. By ratifying more trade treaties with other nations, we lose more manufacturing jobs here, which puts people out of work and hurts the economy. With protectionism, we run into trade embargoes or high tariffs for our goods shipped overseas, which also reduces employment and hurts the embargo. Trade treaties seem to be the lesser of two evils.

  • The US should make its own rules.

    No country should control the US. We need to be more protectionist and nationalist or we will become slaves to other countries and undemocratic intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The USA was founded on independence. We can't lose our sovereignty because it is something very precious and priceless.

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