• Congress and DOD doesn't care how much stuff costs; hasn't for a long time.

    Basic economics & DOD's Blank-Check attitude. Just in one operation we just spent $15+ million in fighter and drone strikes to kill 150 ISIS/Al Shabab fighters. $150,000 per kill. Military crows about it. Keep those A-10s flying in my state regardless of their value to national security. Somebody stop them. Please!

  • The United States should spend less on defense.

    Yes, the United States should spend less on defense. We already spend almost half of the world's military budget, and there are other glaring areas of concern that money could be spent on. Even if the defense budget was cut by a quarter,things would improve drastically in the United States.

  • Budget Should Be Cut

    I believe the United States should spend less on defense. I believe we have spent far too much money on war campaigns that has left our country with the biggest deficit it has ever seen. I believe our government needs to work within a budget that does not make this deficit climb higher and I think the best way to do this is to cut the defense budget.

  • No, the United States should not spend less on defense.

    The United States, as a free, democratic nation, owes it to it's citizen's and the rest of the world to remain free and democratic. Because the nations of the world do not co-exist in peace and harmony, it is necessary for the United States to continue to spend exorbitant amounts on defense. As long as there remain threats to our way of life, the United States will need to continue spending on defense. We have no choice.

  • No not really.

    The United States should continue to spend the same amount on defense that they have been for the past few years. I think having a country where the citizens feel secure and feel safe is more important than money. If they can afford to give us a good defense than they should.

  • The US needs it

    Of all of the things that needs to be cut, defense is not one of them. Defense should be at the very least kept at a stable budget, while other parts of spending in the government should b decreased. Defense produces a lot and secures the country and the people.

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