• Our spending for military is out of control.

    The United States currently spends more money on its military defense than every other nation in the world combined. I know we are a superpower, but there just does not seem like a good reason to spend that much money. Spend less on defense, and more money on domestic social programs.

  • Yes, the United States should spend less on defence.

    We already spend may to much on defense limiting out country by a lot. With so much spending on defense, it limits us from improving roads and just general needs for the country. If we spent less more innovation could happen in this country, specifically science. Science generally has a huge impact on the economy.

  • Less Money On Defense

    I believe the United States should spend less money on defense. I believe we have spent too much money funding unnecessary wars and we have spent too much money funding programs through the NSA. In the end I have my doubts this has made the US more secure but it has certainly left us in debt.

  • We spend too much on defense.

    Yes, the united states needs to cut down on our defense budget. It is bloated, unnecessary, and even the pentagon has said they don't need all the money being funneled into it. We are over 40% of the world's military spending. And this shouldn't be the case if programs like social security and medicare are low on funds.

  • Spend the same

    Robert Gates' (for those who are not very politically involved, he is a former secretary of defense and CIA director) biography was very compelling when it came to defense spending. He made the point that defense has been cut in recent years while every other department has been expanded greatly.

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