• Government jobs are just more tax money

    Government jobs are just an extra strain on taxpayers. Currently the addition of government jobs is to create greater bureaucratic agencies which have a way of holding their customers hostage in a maze of red tape. Also most government jobs are slightly over paid by industry standard. Along with this there are the government works unions which serve no purpose since the 1950s.

  • A Source of Waste

    I believe the United States should spend less money on government jobs. I believe the United States government should impose more work quotas on their employees and pressure them to produce more work just as the companies in the United States are requiring of their employees. I think we could cut a lot of job from the government if we made these people more productive or forced them to produce more. In turn, we would be able to save some money as a nation.

  • We can't spend any less and still be safe.

    Actually, the United States is spending less money on government jobs at this very moment. Government employment is now at its lowest point in modern history, since 1958. We can't go much lower without losing critical employees, though. Just a little something for you people who think Obama is spending too much.

  • The US should not spend less money on government jobs

    It is my opinion that the United States government should not spend less money on government jobs. There are often similar positions to government jobs in the private sector that offer better wages, and cutting the funding for government jobs would increase the number of competent workers that choose private sector over government.

  • Yes, it should.

    I'm not saying this to sound mean or draconian, or because I am against government spending. I love all the public servents and people who work for local and federal government. I want to see government jobs cut, though, and that is by scaling down the size of our military.

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