• The U. S. Should Spend Less On It’s Military

    I think that The United States Should spend less on its Military because that a lot of waste of money and yes if the United States spend less on it’s Military we would have extra money left if the USA spend less money on its Military ok ok good bye

  • A Lot Of Waste

    I believe the United States should spend less money on the military. I believe the United States military is one of the most wasteful branches of the US government. I believe we should cut budgets for the military and we should also take the time to reassess the need for some of the expenses associated with the military.

  • Let other countries fend for themselves

    The US unfortunately is no longer in a position that can support the large amount of money spent on the military. One may argue that the US military is promoting peace, but one may also argue that the peace is not neccessarily created by the US army. There is just as good of a chance that the world will still remain the same even if the US decreases spending on the military.

  • More on domestic programs, less on military.

    Why is the United States spending so much money on the military in the first place? We spend more money on defense than all other countries in the world combined. Imagine if we just took ten percent of that for domestic social programs instead. Think of how our quality of living would raise.

  • Don't decrease money spent on the military.

    The United States should not spend less money on the military because it is such an essential resource. The world relies on the U.S. military, the government relies on it for safety, and American citizens rely on it to gain employment, training experience, and a successul future. The government's expenditure on the military is money well-spent.

  • Military funding should be a top priority

    The United States has always valued the military and the affect are armed forces have been from a worldwide perspective. You can never put a price on safety and what it means for a country to be secure and free from terrorists or cultural corruption. Military strength helps with the piece of mind that America has against the rest of the world.

  • No, the US should keep spending

    The reason the United States should keep its military budget is because of all the enemies that are out there, and also emerging superpowers. It's a world where you need military might to hold your position. The United States watch over the world is the most peaceful the world has ever seen, and I think it'd be terrible for a place like China to overtake it.

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