• Yes we should.

    The United States of America should spend less money on unemployment bebfirs in the future. The United States should make people clean up parks, or other things like that if they want to collect any sort of money from the government. This will make it so they have to work for their money.

  • Yes, the United States should spend less money on unemployment benefits.

    Yes, the United States should spend less money on unemployment benefits and more money on getting people back into work. The more money you give a person to not work provides the more motivation to not work. The money can be spend to educate and find jobs for those that want it. For those that just want extra unemployment time and money, they should be kicked out of the system. Productive people make this country a better place. Non productive ones, that could be productive if they wanted to, bring down the country as a whole.

  • Yes, the US needs to spend more wisely.

    The United States notoriously wastes funds on social programs like unemployment benefits encouraging the misuse such benefits. A complete and balanced reform of the unemployment benefit program is needed to help correct the nation's budget. All aspects must be considered and the answer is not straightforward but those who are able to work should not be allowed to receive full unemployment benefits long term. If that one guideline is enforced then the United States will be able to spend less on unemployment benefits in the future.

  • I think that unemployment benefits are important,

    And I think that the United States should spend just as much as they currently are or more money on unemployment benefits because when the economy is trying to grow again it is important to have people able to look for work and be able to live while looking for work as well.

  • Building this country

    No, I do not think that they need to spend less money on unemployment, because if the unemployment rate is high, then a lot of people are not working at jobs that the US needs to have running at all times so that we get as much production done as possible.

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