Should the United States standardize the curriculum?

  • Curriculum should be standarized.

    Curriculum should be standardized. In doing so, the playing field for opportunity within our society will be equalized. It would help to alleviate the stress that is caused by differences in status and opportunities availed. It would benefit areas who may not be financially able to afford a more sufficient education as well.

  • Yes the United States standardize the curriculum.

    Yes the United States standardize the curriculum because if the United States standardize the curriculum the students would have a better chance at learning and being on equal footing with there peers. Also it would level the field for all students and make grading much easier for the faculty of each school.

  • It should not be standardized.

    Equality is overrated. Lets face it, no two people are alike. There are people good with their hands and poor with their brains; they perform certain tasks in society that interplay with those abilities and help propel society forward. With that being said you can't teach someone who isn't as smart as their peers to perform at the same level. There will always be inequality in the education department, and no standardization will solve this. Teachers are supposed to teach students in certain fields. There shouldn't be standardization but there should be more hands on classes, more talent based classes, and more real world based classes. Society will never be equal, because each individual is special and has different skills, and we should embrace those differences, teach towards them, and help society grow. If we make everyone good at math, science, English, and geography, who will be our mechanics, construction crews, sales people, manufacturers, sports players, or even our plumbers? These are things we need that only people with certain skills have. Standardization will cut them out of the fold, thus out of society.

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