Should the United States strengthen ties with Brazil?

Asked by: bcas562
  • Brazil is awesome

    Brazil is an emerging country that has a lot of a valuable resources. Even though there is civil unrest and protests, we should still strengthen our ties with the country in order to have an ally in the area and better trade relations for resources and talent. Brazil should be a closer ally.

  • What kind of question is that?

    After spying on them, we certainly need to reconcile with the Brazilian government. Brazil is going to become increasingly important in the future, and we should focus on becoming a stronger ally or they could fall under Chinese influence. I think the United States would benefit greatly from strengthened ties with Brazil and the EU. That means that we would have to stop listening in on Rousseff and Merkel. Strengthened ties with any country is good, it increases our waning influence around the world.

  • Yes, we should

    Yes, the United States needs to strengthen ties with Brazil. Although, some of their allies are our enemies (ex. Iran). Brazil is an up and coming world power that has strong ties with Russia and China and moderate ties with the United States and European Union. We do not need another enemy to get involved in a possible two-sided war. If we can get a sphere of influence in Brazil, they will end up being neutral in a possible war or conflict with Russia and China. They would be put in a situation where they don't want to sever ties with the a United States or Russia or China. It wouldn't hurt to have another ally.

  • What are we now

    We are not enemies of Brazil, they have very few resources that we need, if we ever needed to get anything and they refuse we can declare war on Brazil, We can have alliances with many countries who have bad relations with Brazil, it's a one sided war you know.

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