• Halt all shipments

    We should suspend all food aid to help save money in our increasing national debt. By doing this would we not only save food but we would also be saving millions of dollars that it takes to prepare the food and ship it to where it is going. We should focus more on ourselves and less on the outside world since we are in a huge hole that we cannot seem to get out of.

  • The United States should never suspend all food aid.

    The United States needs to be a leader and example for all of humanity to follow. We need to start helping our fellow human beings out and realize that people are not a commodity. The U.S has the way and the means to ensure more people in the world do not have to go to bed hungry tonight. No economic reason should ever justify someone starving to death if it was in any way preventable.

  • No, the US should not suspend all food aid

    The United States should not suspend food aid, whether domestically within our own country or to foreign countries. The United States has been blessed with an abundance of many types of food while some countries are drought-stricken and war torn. Food aid is an important program and many people and countries benefit from it. There should be some logic used in the programs, however, and food should not be distributed to other countries that will result in shortages in the United States.

  • No, it shouldn't

    The United States should continue sending food aid to countries that need it, it's one of the few intervention tactics of ours that I'm actually supportive of. Some areas are simply geographically not put together well to sustain themselves as far as food guys, we should be providing that assistance.

  • No, the USA shouldn't suspend all food aid.

    I think it would be a bad idea for the United States of America to suspend all food aid. While there have been issues before in regards to the food aid being smuggled by corrupt nations, I think that stopping food aid would be a disaster for some countries. The food aid helps a lot of people in poorer nations.

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