Should the United States test welfare recipients for drugs?

Asked by: Codename_X
  • You Have to Get Drug Tests to Get a Job

    If I have to take and pass a drug test to get the job that pays your welfare, you should have to take and pass a drug test to receive your welfare. After all, you don't want somebody getting your money if they're only going to spend it on drugs, do you?

  • To be fair.

    Mandatory drug testing is becoming more and more common in workplaces around the country. You don't pass the test, you don't qualify to work there. If I have to pass a drug test so I can work for a living, how is it fair that people don't have to pass a test when they don't have to work for a living.
    Some claim that government feels that only people on drugs would need welfare, but if that was true then workplaces must feel that only people on drugs want jobs. Clearly their claim is just an excuse.
    Sure, not all companies test employees. It's their money so their choice. Thing is, seeing that the working taxpayers are the ones funding welfare, it should be their choice if people who receive benefits from their money get tested or not.

  • Waste of Money

    For those states that have implemented drug testing, it has proved to be counterproductive with its aim to save money by not supporting drug users on government assistance. The expense of the drug test itself, administration and technology exceeded users caught and welfare payments saved. The program is based on right-wing ideology that those on welfare are afflicted, weak, or morally debase; hence the reason they are on welfare.

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