• Whatever works is okay.

    Yes, the United States should use cyberattacks on its enemies, because we should do whatever is necessary in order to protect our interests. If a cyber attack can prevent terrorism, that is a way to save lives without anyone even needing to die. Cyber attacks are a way that we can defend ourselves without any actual violence.

  • No, it must avoid provoking attackers

    No nation should ever use cyberattacks as a way of defeating
    enemies or implementing policies. The problem with instigating cyberattacks is
    that they require no huge array of infrastructure. A few smart and dedicated
    attackers can launch a successful raid. Therefore, the United States is wise to
    defend itself from potential attackers by every means at its disposal, but
    avoid provoking new attacks by mounting assaults of its own.

  • United State use cyberattacks on it's enemies ?

    I don't think that the united states should use cyberattacks on its enemies because if we did that we would be no better then our countries enemies and it would just be a petty thing to do and our country has bigger and better ways to fight our battles rather then fighting thew cyber

  • No, the United States should not use cyberattacks on its enemies

    The United States should not use cyberattacks on its enemies. This should not have to be an option, and the enemies of the United States should not encourage cyberattacks by engaging in them in the first place. If attacked, the United States should defend itself at all costs, by any means necessary. The United States is not an aggressor, and cyberattacks are almost necessarily an aggressive action. Tariffs, economic sanctions, and peace talks should be implemented before any kind of attack is used. Cyberattacks are not an exception.

  • The integrity of the Internet should be protected by all nations.

    The Internet is brings us together globally. It allows us to move closer to building a strong international community. If America uses it to commit attacks on their enemies they damage the integrity of the Internet and what it stands for. The Internet should never be used as a weapon. It should only be used as bridge to join all the nations of Earth.

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