Should the United States use its funds and resources to research a cure for the Zika virus?

  • Yes the US should try to research any threatening disease

    I completely agree that the United States should use its budget to develop some solutions for the Zika virus. When it could happen that Americans catch this disease, and spread it to their neighbors, then the government can pay some lab technicians to research on this disease and try to find antidotes.

  • Yes the United State should use its funds to research.

    It doesn't matter where in the world a disease or virus starts, thanks to the ease of world wide travel, it will hit all of us eventually. When it gets here, it will even be experienced differently than it would in other parts of the world because of genetic differences. If we want to save ourselves as well as the world, we need to be researching these types of things.

  • We should do more good

    The virus affects United States citizens who travel, and people and governments where the mosquitos breed that spread the virus simply cannot afford to take care of the problem themselves. We already have the technology and the knowledge base, along with skilled researchers to make this happen. Less war, more research.

  • The U.S. should research a cure for the Zika virus

    I think it's very important to invest in public health. When it comes to contagious diseases, the whole population is at risk but especially people who live and work tightly packed with compromised immune systems. This includes the elderly and children, people I believe we have a responsibility to protect. Additionally, public health is always a good investment. More healthy people work more and pay more taxes,

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