Should the United States use their own oil resources rather than importing?

  • So sick of our president

    The fact we don't use are own gas here In united states is so stupid and we keep going to our pumps for gas paying $2 or more is stupidity plus we need to make more stuff in America and stop buying from other countries, I for one have had enough of it

  • Put United States people back to work.

    I don't understand why we are buying oil from 3rd world countries instead of using our own. Looks like our government would care more about keeping American people working instead of other countries working. Come on people, give a care for your COUNTRY. Show you have love for your people.

  • Stop supporting nations that will never understand us.

    Even though we are importing only about 25% of our oil from the Middle East we are still funding a faction of people that would rather see us do less than well. It stands to reason that the less we support them the safer we are. This aside from economic reasons.

  • Of Course We Should!

    More and more oil companies are running out of oil and don't want to sell any to other countries, but if we started drilling for our own oil it would help the economy and make us not so dependent on other countries and their oil and oil mines. It just makes sense.

  • Yes. We need to depend on our own country.

    We import everything. Its time we start using our oil. Make our clothes here, furniture, and everything else. This would give us jobs and start our economy to get better. Our prices for gas, clothing,food and other things would go down. Then people could feed their families again without needing help from the government and their would be less homeless.

  • American Oil Only

    America has plenty of oil. When America gets oil from other countries we get further and further in debt. I believe that we should let the other countries have their oil. We can just mine in America. Have other countries buy oil from us. Let other countries, like Afghanistan have their oil. Great, they have oil, we have food. Lower the debt by stop buying foreign oil. Drill in our country.

  • Absolutly

    Part of the over all problem in our country is that we import too much of everything including fuel. We need to reduce our dependance on foreign oil and the way to do that is to is to tap the oil supplies that are resident in the various undeveloped portions of this country. There is more oil under the mountain ranges than in all of the mid-east. We need to find ways to responsibly develop and use it. doing so will result in a increase in our economic well being.

  • Drilling here at home might not be the whole answer, but it's certainly a good place to start.

    We should increase safe harvesting, production and distribution of our own natural energy here in the USA, rather than paying for fuel from countries where they hate us. Let’s keep that money and those jobs here in the US.

    Drilling here at home might not be the whole answer, but it's certainly a good place to start.

  • Drilling More Oil Only Part of Energy Solution

    Drilling for more oil is part of America's energy independence. Cars must be more fuel efficient, alternative fuels developed and electric vehicles need to be researched. Once the United States gains energy independence from despotic countries in the Middle East, Americans can save billions of dollars in foreign aid to places like Pakistan and Israel.

  • We should use our own oil resources

    I believe that we should use our own oil resources because it would help with our economy. Financially, many Americans are struggling to put enough gas in their cars just to get to and from work. This would cut down on the cost of oil if we would just use our own resources.

  • Yes,the United States should use their own resources rather than importing.

    It would be a good idea if the United States could use their own resources instead of importing them.This would work to simplify things for everyone involved.The US could direct their efforts in a different political direction instead of always having to worry about where they are getting their oil.

  • We need to stop opening up land for oil drills

    The United States should be focusing more on renewable energy resources versus opening up and destroying more of it's precious parks and shorelines for oil drilling. By allowing ourselves to import oil from international sources and focus our land on renewable resources we allow ourselves to move in the right direction.

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