Should the United States wage war with North Korea if economic sanctions and diplomacy fails to end their nuclear programs?

  • Yes, taking out North Korea would prevent or limit nuclear proliferation and it is easier than you thought

    One of most popular arguments against striking North Korea is the fear of it becoming another Iraq, Afganistan or even Vietnam. However, militarially, striking north korea is much easier than Iraq or afganistan because we have south koreans who are more than able and eager to fight and unite korea. With current technology, US is very capable of gaining absolute air superority after massive precision bombing campaign and provide effective air support to south koreans who fight on ground. The problem with this military option is not military but diplomatic: China. To China, north korea is supposed to be buffer zone to separate itself from direct contact with the Western world. As rich as they are becoming, you may forget that China is communist country as well. No coummnist country want to border with western world. So if there is some way US/SK can give China a secuity guarantee like the one US gave to Cuba after missile crisis, China would likely turn its back on his so-called ally North Korea. It is in their interest that the region is nuclear free(except China) and stable and thriving economically. As one who was born and grew up in Beijing and came to US in my late 20s, I know that they would not intervene in Korea War 2.0, even without security guarantee from US

  • We wait we are dead

    If we wait or hesitate it could be worse that 9/11. I am enlisting in the navy and will do anything to protect my family. Plus history shows that every time we go to war the economy gets better. More jobs will open up. We will definitely show other countries we don't play with nuclear threats

  • They have nuclear weapons.

    To start, North Korea's new leader completely hates the U.S. They may not have the technology to sent a nuclear missile all the way to the U.S. right now, but if they keep advancing in technology then one day they might be able to. North Korea is acting like they can do whatever that they want. I believe it needs to end before something bad happens to not only the U.S. but also surrounding countries.

  • North Korea has failed to follow the UN agreement.

    North Korea is a part of the UN and knows the rules placed by the UN which most if not all countries agree to. North Korea needs to be held accountable for disregarding the warning made by the UN if North Korea continued to advance on with their nuclear power plant. North Korea didn't heed the warning and are now mad about the consequences they now have to face. Due to North Korea's negligence and their anger all c=allied countries of the US and the US itself is now endangered by a Nuclear war. If need it be the US should go to war with North Korea and show them the consequences for their actions.

  • You get what you ask for.

    No matter what we decide to do, Korea will still hate us. We have bullied and terrorized many people in the world. Some things can be forgiven, but what we have done cannot. If it comes to it, we should wage war and destroy their country. Why, you ask? We are protecting ourselves from something that we deserve. I don't love America. I accept things the way they are. We have destroyed others for centuries just because we can, why stop now. We would kill our own people if it would benefit us. We have done it before , and this won't be the last time. If we don't engage the threat we will be destroyed. "We have bigger guns, so let's use them."

  • We can't stand for it.

    We can't stand for the global agitation presented by North Korea. It is our responsibility to support our allies in the region, most notably South Korea and Japan who have stood behind us faithfully since the end of World War II. China has been bitten by the bug of Capitalism. They are assured that we mean them no harm. They are equally certain that we mean North Korea no harm!

    North Korea has claimed that they have nuclear missile capabilities to reach the shores of the United States. As true gentlemen, we should take them on their word. Let us not debate with them any further. We must strike first; ask questions later.

  • Yes, for the greater good.

    The standard of living is so diabolical it would be a blessing for the people of North Korea if war were declared. No more communication bans, starvation, or poor living standards, all replaced by a fair democratic leadership that can and would be supported by the UN and other nations for the greater good.

  • Though war is a terrible thing, unfortunately it may be unavoidable.

    I usually don't stand with war, but with this case I think it may be the only way to take care of this problem. North Korea has been defiant since the end of the Korean War. Their leaders lead a program that imprisons its own people, starves them, brainwashes them, and downright kills them. Many on this poll argue that the US needs to wage war on NK because of their nuclear program and threats, but instead as decent human beings we should be going to war to save them from themselves, before they do something that will lead to their total destruction.

  • They should not be making threats to threaten our world peace.

    Threatening a country with a nuke is serious stuff and threatens the very base of our world. One crazy dictator cannot be allowed to make threats of destroying millions of lives and get away with it. It should be only a matter of time. The world shouldn't stand for it.

  • Let's go to war because they have publicly threatened us with a nuclear strike.

    Yes, the US should declare war on North Korea. They have publicly threatened us with a nuclear strike, so we should strike them first. I don't think China would enter a war there this time and who cares about Russia, they can't even pay their army on time. Nuke North Korea and be done with the whole country. The President is bound to protect the people of the US first.

  • If China sided with North Korea we'd all be dead.

    In the event of NK starting a war against the US and China sided with them. Well, we could kiss our butts goodbye because NK and China together would be a massive army which the US would never defeat.

    He's a young leader showing his people that he is strong and he won't stand for any ***t from anybody. The best way is to try to negotiate with NK. Try and talk this through because if he is determine to wage a war against the US. Then I am afraid this could end up causing a war that war that could change humanity for a long time. It isn't worth it. If negotiations don't work then keep trying until they do.

  • No, we should be peacekeepers.

    We're suppose to be peacekeepers, not warheads on ignorant, testosterone-steroid-pumped-ready-to-explode losers. Be a PEACEFUL IDOL, not an arrogant dictator that loses billions of humans on earth out of pure male ego.

    Nobody needs WW3 now. Calm both countries down and introduce effective peaceful attitudes, not the other way around.

    Be the teacher and idol of peace for humankind!

  • No invade as usual.

    America needs to keep their snotty big nose out of world affairs. The US destroys nations. The fast food makes other nations fat and unhealthy and their politics kill hundreds of thousands. I wish they would concentrate on their fecked up country and let the rest of the world prosper. (UK Citizen).

  • Who's going to fight this war?

    For those of you saying yes, please do us all a favor. JOIN THE MILITARY and VOLUNTEER TO FIGHT! You say you want a war, though I'm certain that at least 65% of the current 65% will not even think about going to boot camp, much less fight in a war. Even if the draft is reinstated, how many of you are going to bolt to Canada or Mexico? Get real. If North Korea decides to start dropping bombs, we're toast!

  • America will fall

    The U.S. is always trying to keep countries from becoming a formidable force to reckon with (even if its not a hostile country) reality America has no allies...if there is ever an event in which America is severely weakened many past enemies will immediately seize the opportunity and launch a series of attacks to finish the job. Here's a small list of SOME (but not all) countries that will likely take the chance at crushing the USA if they ever get the opportunity: #1 Russia, #2 China, #3 Iran, #4 of course N. Korea.

  • The United States should not wage war with North Korea. It is a no-win situation.

    The United States must accept that other nations, despite their ideology, can not be told what war capabilities they can or can't have. The cat is out of the bag as far as nuclear capabilities. Our only option is very careful diplomacy and constant dialogue. The leader of North Korea is not stupid (angry and possibly deranged, but not stupid). They are not going to bomb us and if they want to, we cannot stop them. We need to quickly come to an understanding with them and find some common ground!

    Posted by: SterColn
  • Only if South Korea attacks.

    Well first off this is what we did in the Middle East. Look at it now - there were no nuclear weapons - but this case is different, as they do have nuclear weapons. China without a doubt would aid the North Koreans, and Russia would aid China, and soon after Iran would aid Russia. These things I know for a fact, while the rest of the world would be either neutral or on the side of the South Korea. In other words, another World War would break out. If North Korea attacks South Korea, such a war is inevitable, and we would have to go to war. This won't be like WW1 or WW2 where the soldiers or major cities will suffer, but the nation as a whole. It would bring those apocalyptic movies into reality, because it would be a nuclear war.

    Posted by: Ipod
  • No, war is not the answer.

    I am only 16 years old and I'm old enough to know what is at stake here .If the U.S. attacks North Korea their allies might attack. Lets not let another generation face the reflection of war like our countries past history. There are many ways we as a country can help without having to dirty our hands by the ugly blood of war. Attacking North Korea can be the cause of many innocent children and adults life in both North Korea and the U.S.

  • The United States should not wage war against North Korea if economic sanctions and diplomacy fail, because it is not the U.S.'s job to take care of the world.

    If there should be a war against North Korea, it should be one that is agreed upon in the United Nations. It is not the U.S.'s job to make sure that the world is taken care of. Now, if there would have been a situation where they would have done something specifically against the U.S., then I could understand declaring war. But, not in this case.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Too costly for U.S.

    If one looks at the amount of money it takes to wage a war, we would realize that a war against DPRK is not worth damaging our economy even more. Drop a nuke on Pyongyang? Nah, that would seriously anger China, which is not a country to be messed with. China would still be counted as an ally of DPRK, even though being forced to agree to solutions. As a US citizen, I think the best thing to do is leave DPRK alone until we are at a better economical stance. How to get better economical stance? Don't vote Republicans, that's how!

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Anonymous says2013-03-16T11:53:10.550
The U.S should of sent stealth bombers into North Korea and Iran when they refused to stop making nuclear weapons, but is to little to late once again, I am a strong believer in sending a sniper in to kill the North Korean leader and the Iranian leaders , a couple bullets cost a lot less than a nuclear war,
Anonymous says2013-03-17T01:55:02.437
"The U.S should of sent stealth bombers into North Korea and Iran when they refused to stop making nuclear weapons, but is to little to late once again, I am a strong believer in sending a sniper in to kill the North Korean leader and the Iranian leaders , a couple bullets cost a lot less than a nuclear war,"

Whoa look out we got a big tough guy here, Buddy is ready to send hit men into N.K and Iran. You know who wants nothing to do with America? Iran and North Korea. I hope one day you really have a look at history and realize not one of the 50 nations bombed by America were ever the original aggressors. There crime? Having a different style of Gov. Why is there this sick idea in the States that because you love democracy EVERYONE must have democracy even if the majority of another nation don't want it. Do people understand killing millions of people on the other side of the world because you decided your system Rocks is utterly bizarre. But you see the powers that be aren't spreading democracy they are getting countries who don't play ball, while society are the poor people that actually believe everything that's happening is down to a quest for democracy. Dear me, I do worry about the future with such blindness everywhere.

Nobody in History has ever owned or delegated the whole world and I sincerely believe that will still be the case in my lifetime. Ayatollah, Al Qeada, North Korea are not in the 1% they don't mingle with elites that are shaping our future. These continual wars will backfire somewhere with someone who's had enough and understand a mad man with nukes who is facing extinction will happily mutually die.
Anonymous says2013-03-25T20:26:21.207
No soldiers would die.Simple as that.
Anonymous says2013-03-27T11:26:06.830
It is so good to read about individuals feelings on how North Korea's insanity needs to come to an end. I am one of those people that believe the same. It is real simple, do you try to discuss with a tiger when he is threatening you about lets talk. That would be what fools do. Common sense tells you to protect yourself the best way you can. In the instant case with North Korea, waiting or trying to appease them is giving corrupt and subhuman leadership time to get prepared. It is harsh but the first punch needs to be given and then follow up punches until the enemy is back in the stone ages. My humble suggestion is President Obama please do it before something bad happens. We got your back. Thank you very much.
Anonymous says2013-03-29T06:37:17.657
Kim jung un is like a cancer for north korea! You need to cut him out!! And if that doesn't work nuke him!!!!
Anonymous says2013-03-31T18:20:20.083
I think North Korea would look good as a sheet of glass. Better them than us. The longer we wait the bigger the chances of it becoming a reallity. If some has a gun and told you he was going to shoot your son, what would you do? Danny Hays
Anonymous says2013-04-01T09:26:47.153
During the Potsdam conferencee Truman told Stalin about a new bomb of exeptional destructive power far more powerful than any other weapon .What was the reason for this
It was clearly to warn the Russians not to interfere in the postwar Plans of US to dominate the world on the assumption that they had the Monopoly on nuclear weapons but thank God the Russians were able to counter these nuclear monopoly otherwise by now the US would have taken over the World
If you analyse all the Wars after the world war they have been started by US for their Impereriast hegenomy for World domination[Vietnam War,Korean War, Iraq War ,Afganistan War,Middleeast Wars etc ]
So how can the US act as if they are innocent when in fact they are the real cause of all these problems
If any country dares to voice their rights it is branded as enemy and threathened with Military action by the called the only Super power on this earth
No country will remain a superpower forever and History will judge of all the atrocities committed by the US in the name of defending democratic values
Anonymous says2013-04-01T21:25:59.210
Hi. I'm Rachel, and I'm 12 years old. I know I shouldn't be, but I am,.... I'm kinda scared that North Korea is going to launch something at us. I'm scared that their gunna try to kill us. We are talking about it in Social Studies class, and it is absolutely making my nerves burst..... Please..... How do I relax myself? (Literally crying right now)
Anonymous says2013-04-02T02:06:03.443
North Korea acts like a small child crying for attention, the best way to handle that is with disipline for their actions. The North Koreans would happily wipe the U.S. Off the face of the map if given the oppertunity, so why give them the chance? We need to put a stop to their acting out against us and not be pushed around we should wipe out any chance of them delivering first strike before they have the oppurtunity to finish the research for ICBM's ( inter-contental ballistic missile). If we wait we give them the chance to prepare. While we shouldn't be cruel or overly militaristic but we should show our military might as the United states and put an end to these threats and not be jerked around by a small isolated country. If war were to brake out I'd happily enlist to fight first chance I could.
Anonymous says2013-04-03T05:14:06.897
It is none of US business to poke its nose into this Korean conflict.. US is unwantedly provoking N Korea to its extreme limit by all sanctions.. What is don't understand that rich peoples will always have something to eat, its the poor and helpless who gets the real whip. Over past several decades US always tries to bully smaller powers , dictate their rights and their independence and this is just not the smartest thing expected from a superpower.This is not a leadership at all.If US is so concerned about Nukes , why did it allowed Pakistan, China and India to have nuclear weapons. Who is US to decide which countries should have nukes! Is Pakistan a responsible nation to be allowed to have nukes, right under US nose, aided by US tax payers grants.. Its always the cheap political and military mileage that US wants to earn, not its real intention to make a nuke free world. Why US not forcing China , France , Israel to do the same.. Because it will get kicked . So US try to flex muscle to weaker regimes. I can't make others to quit smoking unless I stop smoking myself. With over 7000 nukes in US arsenal alone, on what moral reasoning US has to tell others not to have nukes ! Why selectively to some nations and no no to others? N Korea regime is young and unstable and their leader is inexperienced. US as a global leader should try to give them chance to settle down , allow dialogues and take them to discussion table.. This is what a big brother is supposed to do.. Not other way round by imposing sanctions to a country that already is in shambles. This is like pushing N Korea to a war even if they don't want to by closing all its way to survive. US economy is in ruins and 15 million americans are jobless...Waging a useless worthless mindless war will take US further down the lane to inflation and recession. We just cant afford another war because we still havent paid china /Japan the bills of previous war.
Anonymous says2013-04-03T22:21:53.877
North Korea is swamping the world with counterfeit dollars ,we should fly over NK and drop counterfeit money on them,Just bomb, dont enter and we should pretend that an alarm went of in that way Russia and China would argue and blame the US and NK rather than retaliate
Anonymous says2013-04-04T02:45:56.967
YES before they BOMB US but with the least LOST OF Life of American, British, Australian Defence Force personel. No land forces just Bomb them. My father was an Australian soldier in the battle of Kapyong, he later lost his life from war cause injuries. He never spoke a lot about the war except when the Vietman war was on to say 'a foot soldier cannot fight the unknown enemy'. I have to sons that were both in the Australian Navy and I still say this is a battle for Air Force & Navy NOT land soldiers.
Anonymous says2013-04-04T06:43:26.893
There is no hope and no issue for Kim going any further in this.
His own people will turn against him as soon as they have the opportunity to do it safely.
It is going to be fast but with a lot of suffering and collateral damages because
no innocent US soldiers should suffer this time; the power of fire will be precise, immensely strong and overwhelming… just for an instant!
Shame and pity for all innocent creatures, but evil is not emotional to his owns.
The north must return to the south and the south must host the north in his heart.
It is written that way, for the peace, for the rights, for the surroundings, for all together to be again like they should have ever been.
The south must take the hammer to break the fear and the north must use the sickle to bring prosperity, which is what this primary ideology is made for.
Anonymous says2013-04-04T12:26:02.590
I find it rather distressing and depressing that in this day and age, the age of information, in a time in which we are constantly learning more and more about the world and universe we live in, that we still have countries butting heads and essentially having a giant pissing contest. The current state of affairs with North Korea the US and all others involved is bad. We all know it, we watch the news, read the paper, we are all aware. But the problem is, we don't truly comprehend the seriousness of the situation. We have a country, dictated by a warmongering nut, with access to weapons that could essentially be thought of as restart button. What I mean by this is that once combat starts with nuclear weapons, there is no going back. Whether the initial blasted caused by these immensely horrific weapons kills you and everyone you know, or you make it out of a blast radius to some sort of shelter, you will later be killed by the fallout, your body plagued with radiation, causing you to die from the inside out. A fate like that and you would wish you died in the initial blast.

So what I mean by restart, is that once the fight begins, it will be over shortly and that will be the end of the entire human race, the end of all life in fact. Maybe some will survive but what kind of a life would that be? This will be the end of the human story, all what came before, all those lives, stories and journeys, all the progress we have made, wiped away in a few moments. What a waste. I mean really think about it, if we all go to war again, it will be the last war and it will not end well for anyone involved. What a horrendous waste of potential and a complete disregard for life and all those billions of years it has taken to get a foot hold in this solar system.

This problem is not about who is right and who is wrong, because quite frankly, all countries are guilty to some level and all have committed horrible acts in the name of patriotism, religion, "self defence" or some other bull crap cause. What we need to realise is that we as the collective human race need to take the initiative to try and resolve all these ridiculous conflicts peacefully as we have absolutely EVERYTHING to lose. I myself have much I want to live for, so much I want to understand and learn and quite frankly I don't want my time, or the time of those I love and care about, or the time of any other innocent human being living on this planet, to be cut short by some nutter who's sole purpose in life is the pursuit of power and wealth at any cost. I don't want to die because some nation or countries leader wants to go to war with someone else I have never met.

So we as the people of planet Earth need to decide that war is an unacceptable behaviour if you are to be part of this species existing on planet Earth. I am Australian but I hold no allegiance to Australia or any other country for that matter. I am simply a human being part of another 7 billion. So for that I am incredibly grateful. Why am I saying this? Well because I can see the potential we have as a species, and it is immense, there is no limit to what we can achieve if we can just evolve past these ignorant and arrogant pissing contests, these acts of mindless violence and hate based on nothing but garbage and propaganda fed to us by someone we don't know. Lets wakeup and grow up and realise that war and conflicts of any sort but especially with WMD's are unacceptable. Regardless of your sex, ethnicity, social standing, religion or any other preconceived notions of separatism, you say NO to war, you say NO to the continued disregard to what it means to be human, you say NO to all threats to the fragile and delicate balance of all life on Earth, and you acknowledge that you are a human being, one of a collective 7 billion, and you acknowledge that we are mature enough to deem this continued behaviour of aggression and violence unacceptable and ultimately you acknowledge that you are part of a family, a giant cosmic family of life existing in this universe, and this family is far to important to be allowed to be harmed by the war of one or a few men.

Please stand up for what you believe is right, but do not stand in aggression, stand in a position of love and with the power of logic and information, stand along side all others who want a peaceful prosperous world, stand beside your family, your cosmic brethren and stand together and show those who hunger for violence that we will not accept such disregard for life, for any war is a complete violation of what it means to be a human, existing on Earth together for our short time in the Sun.

An Australian, but more appropriately a human.
Anonymous says2013-04-04T16:05:45.107
People who say "Oh when they nuke us and we are gonna nuke them back then radiation is gonna spread across the world" are just plain stupid. We cant just simply nuke North Korea. We have to plan things through. I think we should go to war with North Korea but with nukes no.
Anonymous says2013-04-04T19:37:14.483
Deal with them now before they become more powerful .
The North Koreans will thank us for it in the long run.
I don't want a war but all I see is one now or a much bigger war in a few years.
Anonymous says2013-04-04T20:36:25.827
Russia and China created this mess by allowing North Korea to go wild without supervision. They should take some responsibility in fixing it.
Anonymous says2013-04-05T01:51:01.120
IIf North Korea starts a war, then yes the US should step in. This crazy man thinks he is another Hitler and look what happened to him. Iif he goes through with this he may not have a county to run. I for one do not want a war. It seems like there is no talking sense into this mans head. I hope he stops and think about all the children including his own that might die, or does he not care about family.
Anonymous says2013-04-06T18:14:19.217
SterColn, You are correct. I have to add: Most of the people are stupid and ignorant about NK and US issues. Majority of the posters herein are idiots and uneducated individuals. In the event of war (communist against imperialism). We know for sure that China and Russia will back North Korea and destroy US and most of its allies will quit alliance and join China (China is in better financial and military shape). All the special nuclear bombs came from them. US is broke and got no money and the military is sinking.
Anonymous says2013-04-07T14:38:38.567
The best case scenario is North Korea attacking first, and at Japan too. Japan has the 24th biggest military, but cannot use it to attack others. China may remain neutral and the US will get involved. The worst case scenario is that China gets involved anyways
Anonymous says2013-04-07T18:20:20.323
I am a Canadian, and I'm proud of it. We did not step into Iraq, and it was the only thing our then, Prime Minister, did correctly. There is a reason why I stated I was Canadian. We have a way to solve many problems without violence, or war. We were the best country with the UN and our peace keepers. But, if you slap us, we will fight back. This is a simple problem for us, as a nation, and as part of the UN. Do we want to stop this nonsense from North Korea? YES. Do we want to stop the thousands of deaths that will occur if North Korea continues on this path? YES. We can get the Chinese on board with a simple threat. If you do not stop this BS from North Korea, the manufacturing companies that buy from China will stop, NOW! This would cripple the economical state of that country. Think of it this way. China has built 3 of the largest transport ships just to deliver the millions of dollars of product from China to the USA every week.
If Walmart, who is the biggest customer, was to become a part o this, it could stop the eventuality of North Korea and it's threats. If the biggest countries in the world, who buy product built or produced in China, Canada, America, England, and Australia, would stop the wholesale business with them, China will stop the BS from North Korea. They could feel fit to stop the antics of this twisted nation and it's leaders, in any way that suits them. All of this could all be stopped in a few months.
China has supported N.K. For decades, but if you threaten their way (China) of furthering the benefits of world production and it's financial success, suddenly, N.K. Doesn't mean that much anymore.
We have to get the biggest company in the world, to believe this is the best way for Walmart to continue it's financial dominance, they would do this, for nothing more than survival of the fittest.
Don Thompson
Anonymous says2013-04-08T00:17:01.937
The person who did first comment they already sent a stealth bomber to North Korea and the reason they didn't send one in Iraq war was becuse the ecomey wasn't that good becuse of gw bush
Anonymous says2013-04-10T09:30:57.830
Let's agree 20+ years of smooth talk and "sanctions" have done nothing. During this time North Korea has performed 3 nuclear tests, which wouldn't have happened if they'd be taken down severely, including regim change, by a military strike in the 1990's. The situation will just continue getting worse, if nothing is done. There won't be millions dead in a Korea war now, possibly some 10000's in the south and possibly a few 100000's in the north. If we wait another 20 years, North Korea will have finished developing their nukes and possibilites to use them, with the potential of eradicating South Korea and Japan entirely, and Europe and USA partially.

If Obama had some guts and responsibility, he should say right now that the game has changed, and prepare for the necessary war with North Korea that will end with regim change, and save millions of life in the long term.
Anonymous says2013-04-11T17:44:50.903
Imagine North Korea as a small tree. It will get very big, but you don't see it as a problem because it is small. When it gets huge, it will take lots of work to take it out. There is a plant called the strangler fig. It grows down trees, its roots gently growing to the ground. But when it does grow into the ground, is becomes really strong really fast until literally strangles the tree and the tree dies. We need to take out North Korea before it takes root. The Declaration of Independence says that governments are instituted among men to secure their rights. North Korea is threatening our rights by declaring war, so it is the governments job to protect us. If we leave this alone this issue will become much more serious down the road. Though it's hellish, we need to go to war.
Anonymous says2013-04-17T23:41:08.387
Those N.Koreans if they had the chance to kill everyone on the planet they would, and now they are giving their little friend Iran the technology to wage war on our allies in the middle east(especially Israel) so i Think we should hit them while they are still weak so we can eliminate the pests. # Hit now
Anonymous says2013-05-17T01:18:05.813
Ok, here's my opinion on the whole start war with North Korea and Iran bullcrap. I for don't think we should start war first but if things they're doing now don't calm them down then hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of Americans will probably of the bombs and the radiation. So if we don't it'll hurt us, but starting the war first will also hurt us. So we'll get hurt either way. This would never had happened had they followed up on their agreement in the first place. They caused this tension, so what are we supposed to do. Truthfully I'm just downright scared. I'm 15, I haven't even begun to live yet, I wanna live a life free of this one worry. So don't talk like ya'll know anything. Most of you r adults that hae lived, I haven't so put yourselves in my shoes and most kids in America. Wouldn't you rather hae the future generation live just alittle bit longer in peace.
JustiLynnRandall says2014-05-15T08:35:23.207
FULL FRONT ATTACK WITH ALL OUR STRENGTH TO RID OF KIM JONG EUN, HIS FOLLOWERS, AND GAIN CONTROL OF THE WEAPONS. NO WAR, ONLY THIS. WE DON'T HAVE TO LOSE MANY LIVES EITHER. THEN COMBINE KOREAS. NK ALLIES AREN'T GOING TO FIGHT FOR SOMETHING THAT TURNED TO NOTHING, aka = NO GAIN, ONLY LOSS OF THEIR PEOPLE. SINCE I GUESS IT'S RELATIVELY FAST(faster than a war), NK ALIES DON'T HAVE TO BE CONTACTED(or won't get there fast enough).. WE JUST HAVE TO MAKE SURE NK DOESN'T REALIZE THE ATTACK TOO SOON AND LAUNCH ANYTHING BEFORE WE GET CONTROL. WHICH WOULD BE DEVASTATING, but I guess would have happened sooner or later.. But I'd probably kill myself if it hit South Korea. I don't want a war. But because wrong leaders like Kim Jong Eun were somehow put to their position, I can't tell the future. I just don't want innocent people to die. But Kim Jong Eun apparently doesn't mind it, as long as he gets to play with his weapons.