Should the Upper House be accountable to the people?

  • Everyone in Parliament Should Be Held Accountable

    Everyone in British government should be accountable to the people, no matter how people are elected. No one in a free society should feel as if their leaders are above them. The House of Lords should be more accessible to the people of Britain. It doesn't matter that most people in the Upper House are appointed to their positions--members are still responsible for making laws that affect all of Britain.

  • Yes, that's why we voted them

    The upper house was voted in by the people so it is only fair to assume and expect the upper house to be held accountable to and by the people. If they are not held accountable to the people then it makes it completely pointless to have the people vote for them in the first place.

  • Yes, They Should

    I believe the Upper House should be accountable to the people. The purpose of government and politicians is to provide a consolidated voice for the people. All politicians should be held accountable for their job. I think we need to reassess how we determine the quality of work done by these individuals because frankly, I don't see them accomplishing much.

  • Yes, all politicians should be accountable.

    Yes, the Upper House should be accountable to the people, because every politician should be accountable to the people that they serve. A public official is not a ruler. They are a servant, whose job it is to provide guidance for the country. The Upper House should always be accountable to the people they represent.

  • Have the house be accountable for the raises they give one another

    A possible abuse of power occurs when the House votes to raise their pay. This is absurd, because there is not really a check and balance that they raise the pay too much. I think that the job they do is important and deserves high pay, yet raises should be looked at and voted on by the public as well.

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