Should the US adopt a different method of electing its President?

  • Its Not fair!!!

    The Electoral College is kinda not fair and It kinda violates our rights. I think that something new needs to be adopted. . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .

  • The current system completely blocks out 3rd parties.

    Under a single transferable vote system we would be able to get as close to what the actual population wants instead of how many people are on what side of the political spectrum. It would also allow for people to vote with their ideals instead of voting for whoever would not be the opposite of their beliefs.

  • Jesus Christ Yes.

    Not only just the electoral college, we need to abolish the First Past the Post system we have now and replace it with anything else. The system we have now makes it nearly impossible for a third party member to win the election, which essentially means we will never change from "Republicans versus Democrats." The Green Party won a significant amount of votes in 2000, but that was because Democrat voters changed to vote for their candidate, Ralph Nader. Because of that, Al Gore lost enough votes to lose to George W. Bush. If we use a system like the alternative vote, we can show what the people of the US really want, not just a black and white, two party model of reality.

  • The electoral college is skewed.

    Anyone remember the Bush Gore elections of 2000? Gore won the popular vote by a small margin but Bush was elected the 43rd president of the US. Surely it should've been Gore, as the majority wanted, that took power, rather than a candidate the majority of americans didn't believe in????

  • I want a voice -- not some "delegate" with special interests.

    America is messed up -- politics may not be corrupt like other places, but they are messed up. If idiots will elect an idiot by popular vote, they deserve an idiot and will have to live with the idiot. But if you want people to keep voting in our democratic nation, better make popular vote the winner EVERY time not an "encouraged" party representative. That is messed up...

  • It's democratic and nonsense

    As an expat Brit now living in Canada I just cannot get my head around what an undemocratic system the primary selection process follows.
    ALL States should vote on the same day and only registered paid up members of each party should be eligible to vote for candidates of their respective parties. This staggered electoral system with a mixture of winner takes all and proportional allocation is nuts.
    Can't believe how dumb this all is.

  • We need some change in this Country!

    I believe it is time for a change. For several years we have used the same method of electing our presidents. I believe that we need to vote on if we want it changed. Then we need to follow up with, if we want a change, voting on which new method we should use to elect our president.

  • Direct Vote for President

    Electoral college based on winner-takes-all does not fairly represent population. Most candidates do not even bother to go to states that are clearly red or clearly blue (CA, TX) and thus people in those states are discouraged from voting: why should I vote if my vote does not count anyway - or if it counts against me?
    Simple majority vote or proportional electoral college vote should be adopted.

  • Power of the people

    Every person should feel like their votes are counting toward who gets elected into the office. When people feel represented, more people will vote and have faith that the President will be making the right decisions when they go to office. They think that the President will truly be thinking about the people and won't look as selfish.

  • Should Definitely Be Changed

    In America we claim to be democratic but the Electoral College is pretty undemocratic. Because the Electoral College gives all of a state's electoral votes to a particular candidate it means that any vote for anyone else doesn't count for the presidential vote in any way. One person- one vote my ass.

  • Would be stupid

    No, I do not think there should be a different method of electing our President, because the method we have right now works fine. I think that the method we have right now of electing the nation's President works just fine. It allows people to have a say, and that's the way that it should work. We all need to be allowed to voice our opinion over who should be running our country. The voting method works just fine right now.

  • Can't be changed.

    First it would take an amendment to change it and that is very unlikely. Second it has only not matched the popular vote twice. Everybody's opinion can not be accounted for. There are crazy people out there and should we really allow for their ideas to influence our country? The reason why it should stay the same is because it grabs the general populations feelings and presents them.

  • It would help revive te idea of fair voting

    As written in the constitution, the United States is a free country. This is why letting every person vote for them selves could impact how free they feel. Instead of your vote not mattering and being changed by your states opinion. Your vote could count towards whatever you want and not what your representatives pull from the entire state's count of republican and democratic votes. Electing in a different way could also put less focus on battleground states and more focus on minorities.

  • It would cost too much to set up election areas for everyone if we use popular vote.

    If we change to popular vote, it would cost too much. First, setting up election areas is a difficult job since the increase of voters would need a more efficient system. Next, more staff is needed to calculate how many votes on each side. It is better to keep using electoral vote.

  • For all its imperfections, the electoral college has many good reasons for why we elect our president that way.

    The electoral college was originally set up in the compromise between the large states (New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia) and the smaller states (Delaware, Rhode Island) where everyone is represented equally (senate) regardless of population and also represented by population (representatives). This ensures that even small states like Wyoming that have fewer people in the entire state than in the city of Dallas Texas are still important enough to be campaigned for. This makes every part of the country important enough for candidates to consider and fight for. That is an important concept.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • I think that the method that is currently in place makes the most sense for a country of this size.

    One of the reasons I like the United States is because people here are given a voice. In some countries, the people have no choice in the matter, when it comes to who is going to run the country. Each individual in the United States is given the chance to choose who they feel is most qualified, and the majority vote wins. I do not see how any other method would be better than that.

    Posted by: StevyDemon
  • No, I do not think there should be a different method of electing our President, because the method we have right now works fine.

    I think that the method we have right now of electing the nation's President works just fine. It allows people to have a say, and that's the way that it should work. We all need to be allowed to voice our opinion over who should be running our country. The voting method works just fine right now.

    Posted by: SeriousNestor34
  • No, because the current method of selecting a President is an effective method.

    The electoral college is efficient in determining that each state has an appropriate number of votes for the population of the specific state, and is effective in ensuring that each person's individual vote still matters. Consequently, the opinion of one person is not lost in the sea of votes the size of the entire population, but rather effects the votes of the state in which the person resides.

    Posted by: MannP4rk
  • The electoral college model is not real democracy in action and should be changed.

    There are many flaws with the electoral college model that the U.S. uses to elect presidents today. The main problem is that a candidate who wins the popular vote may not win enough electoral votes to be elected, as recently happened a few years ago. If we want to be true democrats, we should have a true democratic system where only the popular vote counts.

    Posted by: EImerBuddie
  • The founding father's devised the current way to elect US Presidents and even though the world has changed extensively since the declaration was signed, one person one vote is still the most fair.

    One vote per person allows the candidates to need to appeal to the "majority" of voters to be elected and to stay in power. It's laden with many flaws, however each US citizen has one chance to express their opinion regarding who is in office.

    Posted by: Ramon Griffith

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