Should the US adopt the idea of a self-defense force or homeguard?

  • Self Defense Forces

    I believe the United States should adopt a military stance similar to what we forced Japan's military to be after World War II. It would be cheaper to operate, it would not over extend our presence and resources, and it may ease tensions that our military presence causes worldwide. This change would also improve the economy of our country by cutting back on the expenditures that a constant military presence requires.

  • Yes, it would be cheaper, more effective in protecting us from foreign invaders

    I agree with the idea the US military is overextended, the US already practically pays for the defense of Europe which is perfectly economically fit enough to provide for their own protection. The US should change from a professional military back into a draft, but not as long. Teach the Homeguard basic guerilla warfare techniques and standard combat exercises. Navy should be absorbed into the Coast Guard, Border patrol becomes a Federal Issue and is patrolled by ICE.

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