• We have a right to know.

    Yes, the US should air the chilling video released by Al Qaeda, because we should have a right to know what is going on in order to make up our mind about how serious the threat is. The government should not be telling us that everything is fine when it is not. We need to know what these people want to do to us.

  • It will be released anyhow, by others.

    Yes they should. Since the public know of the existence of the video, there would always be suspicion that something was being hidden if the video was not shown. The video was bound to be released by Al Qaeda onto the Internet anyhow, so it would find its way into the public consciousness in any case.

  • Al Qaeda should have no air time

    The US absolutely should not air any videos released by Al Qaeda. To do so is to give in to their campaign of terror. The very thing that these terrorists want is to be given air time by the world's media. To give them that is the give credit to their organisation. The best thing would be to refuse to air their videos thus giving them no outlet.

  • No, the chilling Al Qaeda video should not be aired.

    No, the chilling Al Qaeda video should not be aired by the U.S. By giving air time to Al Qaeda the U.S. simply does what Al Qaeda wants them to do, namely, gives them a way to talk about their cause. Al Qaeda should have less publicity and less of an opportunity to promote themselves.

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