Should the US allow relief on American soil to come from other countries?

  • I think the US should be more welcoming to foreigners

    Yes I agree the United States should allow relief to people coming for other countries. Specifically countries in war or civil unrest. There are citizens who just want to live their lives happily. If they want to come to the US, they should because, not only it helps them, but it helps the US too.

  • No reason to oppose

    There is no need to reject aid from those seeking to give it. Even if United States citizens and organizations are capable of fixing the problem ourselves, we should not scoff at aid for some trivial reason. Humanity is more important than national borders, anyways. Ignoring relief or help is just counterproductive.

  • We should welcome it and it may be needed

    It is true that even on 9/11, Americans can handle many of their own crises. We have the ability to take care of our own exceedingly well. But if people from other countries want to help, we should welcome it. They may have things to offer and they may have innovations we don't offer... so why not? It's good for the world when everybody can both give and receive.

  • Are We Good People?

    I think that as a country, we need to look at ourselves and ask the question, "Are we good people?" If the answer is yes, then we need to allow others to come here and find a better life or at least get back on their feet before they return home. We are a nation that has a lot to offer and should offer it to others with no pause.

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