Should the US and all progressive nations investigate Jehovahs Witnesses as to the non-profit status?

Asked by: Mikeinpahoa
  • All Religious Sectors Should Be Taxed, Unless They Provide A Community Service

    As stated above, ALL religious sectors should be taxed, unless they provide a community service (soup kitchen, homeless shelter, etc.). The only religious sector that is taxed are Atheists, that doesn't make much sense, does it? On top of that, Jehovah's Witnesses act like the Church of Scientology, more of a cult and a corporation (not that there's much difference).

  • The JWs do not act like a charity. This is a huge real estate acquisition and development scheme.

    A religious non-profit should be about charity. Helping your fellow man. IMHO JWs look only after themselves in a corporate manner. Their finances are never disclosed on a National or International level. There is absolutely no transparency. They exist tax free and skirt the national labor laws. They depend on " volunteer " labor and donated funds to acquire massive amounts of wealth and real estate. All Americans subsidize them by our taxes.
    All people have a right to believe whatever they like, no matter how deluded or far fetched, but religions that profit from others should be taxed.

  • Was helped by JW not by my church

    After a severe weather we got help from JW and we didn't even asked for it!
    My church done absolutely nothing.
    Not that I'm bothered as most churches are useless anyway but I was expecting jist a visit to give my family some comfort.
    Funny enough JW did that job amd even offered some minor jobs done on our house.
    Thanks guys for your help!
    To all JW's don't bother about all these haters.
    I found you been most helpful and the only which shows real interest in others.
    Moreover I'm not US I was born in Eastern Europe and still got more help from US JW's than from any of my fellow countryman who are most popular faith in PL
    Not hard to guess.
    When I get my house sorted I am gping to look on your website. Looks family friendly far away from sex mad TV and even worse internet sites.

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