Should the US and Canada join as a single nation?

Asked by: ararmer1919
  • The United States and Canada were the same nation before so why can't they be again?

    I'm a loyal American and have many Canadian friends. But for many years even after the American Revolution the United States and Canada were a single nation. Now just being completely blunt here, but the United States has the #1 GDP worldwide meaning we are the wealthiest. And statistically the average American makes more than the average French man by $20,000 and the majority of the American upper class makes 4x more than the Canadian upper class. The average American and Canadian make roughly the same amount of money. So putting them together would not only increase the upper class, but majorly increase the middle class thus creating only a stronger GDP. This union would majorly increase the strength of the dollar possibly even rivaling that of the Euro. Plus military it would add another 128,000 troops, further strengthening the military of Canada and the United States. Culturally the U.S. And Canada are a bit different, but then again every corner of the United States sounds and acts different. Even at one point the south tried to succeed from the Union due to it's different culture and beliefs, Texas and California did the same. But that is why we are called the "United States". State is another word for country, so in the olden times each colony represented a different country. People tend to forget that even when the Anglo Saxons (which later became known as the English) first discovered America, the land was unified as one country. And even throughout the 1700s and 1800s Canada and the United States were one country. It wasn't until later that we split. We have the same language, history, and even almost identical cultures and customs. We all come from the same place, the only issue would be healthcare which could be regulated per province in Canada and per state in the United States. So all in all, it not only would strengthen the GDP (money), increase the size of the military, and unify two peoples, but it would re-bond a country that was once one, much like Berlin after the cold war.

  • Borders will dissolve eventually anyway

    The basis of separating land mass and dividing them into "countries" served a purpose for a time. I personally believe that we are going to evolve past this tribal separation we have on a macro scale and realize that we only really need to keep things in primal grids for navigation. How would we do that? What would be involved? Those are all questions worth asking that will lead us into the next great phase of humanity...... We aren't ready though....Not yet anyway...

  • That is just stupid. Really.

    I don't know what posses people to think that joining Canada and the US together would be a good idea. Though Americans may not believe it these countries are different. We have different cultures, different styles, if you will. Notice that at no point has China said, hey, Mongolia, we are basically the same, lets form one nation.

    It's monumentally stupid. It would be tremendously expensive in a time when the US already spends too much on frivolous things. The head aches, the belly aches, it would be a bloody nightmare.

  • Of course not.

    I like my country being called "United States". I don't want to be "Two United Countries" or something. We have our laws, government, and ways while they can have theirs. It would be weird if we joined... There would be a lot of stuff to be worked out and there's no reason for all that.

    Posted by: jbub
  • Canada is a great well governed country

    Canada has good public health care for a relatively cheaper price. Canada has a history of promoting good stringent gun regulations instead of the insane idea of gun rights. In Canada, we have effective independent bodies that have not been heavily corrupted by partisanship. This means we have a sane judiciary, and a fair re-distrcting process. Canada is also far less nationalist meaning even our current right wing government can support sane immigration policies and real efforts to promote multiculturalism. Any union would also require a major fight with Quebec which is unnecessary. The economies are both quite large so Canada would gain very little from the economies of scale. Therefore no I don't know any good reason for Canada to join the US.

  • Poor Canada would be hosed.

    I'm an American, but let's face it- Canada doesn't need our help in the least. They have good healthcare (that no one goes bankrupt on), good education, low crime rates, less intolerance and discrimination. They have less corruption in government. They are almost creepily polite. They even have much prettier money.

  • U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A.!!!

    They are two opposites when it comes to America and Canada. For example America is known for having a strong military, free speech, and a non socialist healthcare system (though we are gettin close due to president Barry Sorentoro with Obamacare). You see Canada lacks the type of military that America is used to having. Also Canada believes in censoring books as for Americans are used to freedom of the press and freedom of speech. And Canada's healthcare system is socialist as for America is at least somewhat free but , of corse President Obama (legal name is Barry Sorentoro by the way) is trying to change it through Obamacare. Plus Canada has Justin Beiber and that's not something the majority of Americans would want. In conclusion no the two should not be one country.

  • We are creeping ever closer to a world like Orwell's 1984

    Anyone who has read George Orwell's infamous novel '1984' will see that this ridiculous notion of merging countries is bringing us ever-closer to the spine-chilling world Orwell predicted. For those who don't know, the countries of the world have untied into three opposing supernations who are constantly switching between war and peace with one another. The European Union seems to be in the beginning stages of turning into Eastasia. A union of America and Canada would form the basis of Oceania. All that would really be needed is a union of Asian countries (Eastasia), and for the rest of the world to pick a side, and we'd be well on our way to the world he once predicted.
    This may sound like a flimsy argument to the union, but it falls in line with a lot of other things that have been happening in the world lately, including the increasing monitoring and surveillance of citizens of various countries (like what the NSA does). The world Orwell predicted is a terrible, horrifying one that we should all hope we never have to see.

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