Should the US and Russia build a bridge from Alaska to Siberia?

Asked by: travis18352
  • The northwest passage control

    If we build a low lying bridge together here, we will control all trade that goes through the newly opened northwest passage because of the melting of the ice. It would have draw bridges and each country would split rewards equally. If canada(for the actual northwest passage), Russia, and America worked together to gain control of this passage, they would expand trade greatly in the world and having control over that trade

  • Why would we need one?

    A bridge connecting Russia and Alaska would not be a good idea. The bridge would be difficult to maintain, and very costly to build in the first place. Also, in the event of war between Russia and America, the bridge would be blown up to prevent the other side from using it. Lastly, there isn't a person alive who would want to drive over the sea to get to the other end of the bridge. Most people would fly there, or maybe take a ship. Driving there is not faster or more efficient.

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