Should the US and South Korea cancel (yes) or take part (no) in joint military exercises in order to reduce tensions with North Korea?

  • Tensions Are Mounting

    I do not believe it is good to assume that tensions with North Korea will be reduced if the United States and South Korea use joint military exercises. The truth is quite the opposite. Therefore I believe it is best to cancel these exercises for the time being, so we do not push North Korea into action.

  • Yes, Cancel the exercises that might give North Korea an excuse to misbehave

    To many Americans, North Korea looks like a mad state, with
    a ruler who is indifferent to his people’s needs, and is interested only in
    aggrandizing himself. If this is anything like the case, why rattle his
    cage? Why tease him with military exercises that could seem to him
    like a challenge to his unbounded power? How much better to let this regime fall of its own weight, without giving him an excuse for the troubles he and his family have brought to his long suffering people.

  • Need to decrease tensions

    There are an amazing amount of tensions between almost all countries and North Korea. If we can do things that are not too expensive and they can help reduce tensions with North Korea, then we should be looking into them. We should also hook up with South Korea to help us.

  • US, South Korea Must Stand up to North Korea

    The United States and South Korea must stand up to North Korea's aggressive nature. The North Korean people aren't the problem--Kim Jong-un is the problem. The Kim dynasty will always have loose cannons at the head of the country until the people demand change. Joint exercises are part of the culture of South Korea, a country that should be defended against its northern adversary.

  • They should always hold those exercises.

    Yes, I think the United States and South Korea must continue to take part in joint military exercises. North Korea is going to huff and puff and shriek like a little girl whenever it happens. Why? Because they're also taking part in that military exercise, and screaming loudly is the extent of their self defense capability.

  • No, North Korea will just find something else.

    There is no point to cancel the drills, there is no point ever to appease the North. The fact is as soon as you try appease them, then they come with more demands and then more to infinity. They are a bunch of cry babies trying to get attention. They were meant to invade the SOuth three times this year already, yet they don't. Don't let them be spoilt brats.

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