• Yes, we need to act like civilized people.

    I think all countries need to sign and honor this treaty. People need to change how they think about war tactics and armed conflict. Land mines are planted and then pretty much forgotten about - until years later when children end up losing limbs or their lives when they accidentally stumble across one while playing.

  • Make the world safer

    This should be signed to not only keep people from using land mines but also to work on disarming and finding landmines. The problem with landmines is not during war but after war when citizens find unmarked land mines. It is difficult to locate these mines and hard to disarm them. Plus landmines have been questioned for years as wether or not they even comply to the rules of war.

  • Yes, I think the US and remaining 39 nations should sign the Land Mine Ban Treaty.

    I think the time has long come and gone when Land Mines should be used in warfare, as we can see many years later parts of Vietnam are still digging out landmines that are killing it's citizens all these years later, overall banning landmines will be a net benefit for everyone.

  • Yes, I do.

    Along with a lot of other weapons, land mines should be completely banned. There is something incredibly brutal about land mines, and it seems like a cheap tactic in war. So yes, I would like the US and the remaining 39 nations sign the Land Mine Ban Treaty right away.

  • We Don't Need Land Mines

    I believe the United States and the 39 nations should sign the Land Mine Ban Treaty. This seems like a reasonable suggestion to me given all the problems these devices cause and usually far past the war itself. I'm pretty sure banning these land mines would make the world a better place.

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