Should the US (and the rest of NATO) directly combat ISIS?

Asked by: TrustmeImlying
  • Fight smart from the air

    America cannot simply look on and pretend they can't hit us at home. Hinz. You can fight and beat them through bombing. No troops would be needed or used. Build bombs at home and drop them over there. They will tire of it eventually. Nimah fen wah krif. Bombs every day and night. Only when they throw down their arms would we stop. Krongrah.

  • No, absolutely not.

    ISIS is beheading one American after another, and will likely continue to do so. This is the most obvious of ploys to lure us into another very costly and self-damaging war.

    ISIS wages wars asymmetrically, if we attempt to fight them conventionally, we will lose.

    ISIS will win recruits regardless of our victories over them, even if we defeat ISIS, we will lose.
    In much the same way we defeated other terrorist cells, they simply morphed and re-consolidated elsewhere, ready to strike again.

    If the US attempts another ground war in the Middle East, we will have lost most of our support from the local populace, spent trillions more we can't afford, and lose more soldiers and allies to combat an enemy that cannot be defeated with such tactics.

    If we're to defeat such a foe, we must confront them on an asymmetrical level as they confront us. Any other realistic methods will result in long term failure.

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