• Multiple reasons why

    1: It would give the US more territory
    2: It would liberate the Cubans since they are being oppressed by a communist government. Poverty and lack of human rights are devoid on the island, and many right wingers get executed. Their constitution says the country is communist and their constitution states, "All citizens have the right to fight, using all means, including armed struggle, when no other
    recourse is possible, against anyone attempting to overthrow the political, social, and
    economic order established by this Constitution. "(https://web.Archive.Org/web/20130117013359/http://www.Constitutionnet.Org/files/Cuba%20Constitution.Pdf).
    3: The UN should be okay with the because they hate the human rights abuses in Cuba.

    Posted by: asta
  • As a Cuban, Annexation would only help my people

    The "Revolutionary" government installed by the Castros has failed miserably and thrown a resource-rich and formerly prosperous nation into abject poverty. While the first decade saw a marked improvement of conditions for the poorest of Cubans, Half a century has passed and the regime has devolved into a repressive oligarchy. Joining the Union would benefit both Cubans and the US as long as the current ruling class is prosecuted and their property liquidated.

  • For the memes.

    It may be a terrible, awful, unnecessary annexation, but it would be funny as hell. Sure it might spark an international conflict, isolating the US from its allies, destroying any diplomatic progress with Cuba, and causing conflicts with nations such as Russia or China, but it would be so ridiculous and unexpected that I can't help but laugh.

  • An epic failure.

    Any effort of the U.S. to annex Cuba would result in instant revolt. Remember, this is a country with a long history of communism/socialism. They want no part in being part of the U.S. The revolt that would immediately spark would also be backed by their closer allies like China and Russia. Because it's a one party country, you can't even rally support for the idea.

  • It would do wonders for Cuba

    I personally think that it would be very very good for cuba and it would have little issue with the rest of the world as no one could do anything about it. The big reason why someone would say no is the idea that they "deserve" to be a free nation.

  • War is bad

    It would result in war wich Cuba would be suportted by Russia, China and North Korea, with thousands or millions of inocent deaths or maybe the erradicartion of Human species. This question is probably a joke. War should be only for self-defense and there is no reason Cuba would suddenly attack United States.

  • It is bad

    Because if they attack it is going to be bad and is also going to have getting the whole world of war which is going to be awesome because then I can bring on bb and pb. A model I made from Lego the worlds biggest project and I'm sure Cuba will win cos I support them and I also last night I searched cuba up.

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