• An End to Immigration, A Beginning of progress

    Theoretically speaking, If we Annex Mexico, We can remove the corrupt government which has refused to remove the cartels since the 70's, We can put out own effort into cleaning it out and building up Mexican infrastructure to bring it out of being a 2nd world country. And we could chop it up into a small number of states.

  • Manifest Destiny of the USA

    It is the manifest destiny of the United States of America to conquer and integrate all of Latin America. Only this act can ensure that we remain a superpower throughout the 21st century. Portuguese, Creole, Spanish and English shall become official languages, And the investments will lead to a huge economic boom. . . Not to mention the end of post-colonial corruption and inequalities is long overdue.

  • A boil that can not be lanced

    Since the USA is in a position to constantly absorb migrants who's living conditions are truly unacceptable in their native countries yet is given no direct authority to fix the infrastructure of those nations and end the need massive caravans and steady border jumping into their own country, Then in a sense the USA has an infected boil it isn't allowed to treat. This analogy is in no way meant in derogatory nature to migrants, But to help visualize the situation for the USA. We should put it to the Mexican people, Give them the choice, To become a part of the united states and enjoy every right and protection as an equal citizen, Because they 100% would be, And then we could move on the enclaves of baddies that are making life so miserable for everyone there. There wouldn't even be a trade deficit anymore and economy would explode after things got steady. My opinion.

  • All Previous Statements

    I agree with everything that was stated by previous voters on debate. Org. We should absolutely annex and make central america part of the U. S. They can keep coming here and we'll start populating down there. I'm sure our armed forces will deal with cartels and the corrupt government in short order. Everyone wins.

  • It would help to have Mexico as a part of America.

    It would boost our economy, It would stop the border problem, We could move our troops there (legally) and destroy the cartels, And the people already there could get more aid and funds to make their lives better. Plus, It would loosen most of the tensions between Mexico and the US.

  • No Border, Two Way Street

    Mexico is a land of remarkable potential, But that potential is stifled by political corruption and crime warlords. If we annexed Mexico, We could offer unbridled financial aid and material support, While legally being able to send in the military and slaughter the cartels. EVERYONE wins. . . Except the cartels, Of course.

  • Smaller border with central america, more territory, build our economy, reduce crime in the US

    * smaller border with central america, easier to secure
    * end the cartels and their crime in Mexico and US
    * Mexico's GDP is $1T (or over 5% of the US GDP). By being in the US, we could double or triple that. Our economy would grow, long term, by 5-20%.

  • It saves money, and everyone gets what they want.

    Liberals want care for Mexican civilians and economic opportunities for them. Conservatives such as I want to utilize our military for something useful, as well as area for our companies to expand on. The Mexican people get what they want: much less corruption under our control and the end of the threat of drug cartels.
    While the wall would be useful, it hurts the American taxpayer. Stocks of military equipment that we already have won't.
    It even fits almost poetically into a "just war" doctrine: Mexico has wronged itself, and in the process, it has wronged us.

  • Win Win for US and Mexico

    There are all kinds of numbers floating around on how much we spend to house immigrants that cross our borders illegally. Without a lot of fact checking some sources say $300 billion annually. Sounds high to me but you know how efficient our government can be. Forgot to mention on Trumps "Wall" and how much that will cost us for a useless solution. Why not embrace our friends to the south and welcome them and provide them with what we all desire, security and a chance to prosper. In the US we all our immigrants with the exception of the native Indians, It’s time to do the right thing.

  • The Mexican people must be willing.

    If the Mexican people voted for it I'd support it. We would have to legalize drugs to weaken the power of the cartels. Civil service reform would be necessary to remove immunity for government officials. Cultural factors would probably cause problems and we would have to maintain summer sort of Mexican culture. Such an annexation would have to be peaceful. Otherwise there would be an unending insurgency or massive human rights violations to put it down.

  • No, Bad move

    People who like to play conquistador forget one important detail: More territory means you need more personnel to guard your expanded grounds and more equipment. You are spreading yourself and your resources mighty thin. And do not forget, the people you subjugated are not going to forget what you did, so you will be constantly weakened by guerilla warfare. And other subversive activities.

  • Can't support population

    Annexing Mexico will not solve the immigrant problem. It will mean that they are legal, but you'll have illegal immigrants from countries bordering Mexico anyway. On top of that, Mexico would still be for a time less developed and not up to scratch with regards to the rest of the USA, so people would internally relocate to the rest of the States. So in fact it would make the problem greater as not only are the immigrants still taking jobs, but they also are legalised. Plus you would need to accommodate 120 million extra people, so that would add an extra 1/3 roughly to the US population. And the majority of them are Hispanic/Latino, so the Republicans would have a jolly good time attempting to sway them over. Speaking of politics, imagine the Midwest states' uproar over their power being diminished? Or how the electoral college would look?

  • We already have a chunk

    We annexed what is now Texas from Mexico in the mid 1800's. Though our US history books paint the Mexican American war in a different light, it was for the most part a war based on fabrication and a policy of Eminent domain to further US interest. The US offered to buy the territory from Mexico but, they decline; we just took it.

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