Should the US Authorize the Keystone XL Pipeline to Import Tar Sand Oil From Canada?

  • The United States should authorize the Keystone XL pipeline to import tar sand oil from Canada.

    The United States should authorize the Keystone XL pipeline to import tar sand oil from Canada. The oil sands industry is huge in Canada, and if the Keystone pipeline was able to pump that oil down to Texas so that it could be refined and used, it would be beneficial to industry in both the US and in Canada.

  • The keystone pipeline should be installed

    The Keystone Xl pipeline should be allowed to be installed. Though there will be some ruckus with the wildlife during the installation it is better for our country to import oil from our neighbors rather than tumultuous countries across the world that are dealing with violent upheaval. In my opinion this is a step forward.

  • Yes we should us soh

    New jobs will awesomely be made like quickly since there will be new communities made along the construction of the keystone pipelinexl. Another reason why the U.S. should authorize because it will take away the dependency on the other countries for oil more. This is why the U.S should authorize the keystone pipeline xl to import tar sand oil from Canada

  • Long-Terms Risks Not Worth Short-Term Gains

    I don't think the short-term gains of giving a foreign corp domain over US lands are worth the long-term costs to the breadbasket of our country, climate, and health security of our citizens. A much more substantial positive benefit to our economy will be investing in food security and alternative non-polluting energy sources.

  • We shouldnt support it

    I think we should not allow it because there are so much easier ways to get oil from Alaska. We dont need to cause pollution and kill people from the coldness. We could send people there and make them collect tar and oil. Even though it will make many jobs, they are kind of risking their lifes. There are so much easier ways to get oil people!!!!!!

  • Notta Good Thing!

    This isn't our oil. We won't see any profits from it. Unless you happen to be a Koch Brother. If the tar sand oil could be safely and responsibly turned into fuel, and sold within the US, ok. But it's not and it will hurt us all. Count on it!

  • Nice try for pollution

    Gonna kill millions of widelife and people in toxic oil spills and with the dractic amoumt of emissions released would cause a big impact on the world. Such as global warming and acid rain could occur all over the world. Just read the effects of this horrible idea and this will not help US economy they are so far in debt its not even accountbal

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