Should the US ban television advertisements for prescription drugs?

  • Yes and the fact that they do advertise them the way they do is a total red flag that something is wrong

    I am totally offended that these pharmaceutical companies are peddling their pills this way. It tells me that their priorities are not in helping people live healthy lives but are about lining their pockets with money at any cost. I also believe that these morally bankrupt people don't want to cure anything like cancer or any illness they just want to make a pill that lets you live with it as long as you buy it from them for the rest of your life. There is no justification pushing drugs telling me to ask my doctor if this pill is right for me.

  • There should not be ads for drugs.

    Prescription drugs are not for fun. Optional items such as cigarettes aren't advertised on television, so prescription drugs should be advertised even less. Doctors know and will inform patients if they are needed. People can't just buy prescription drugs and aren't trained on them, so they shouldn't be advertised and encouraged.

  • Drug ads only serve to increase prices and create artifical demand. They're banned in all but the US and NZ. Ban ads, lower prices.

    Rx Drugs in America are totally overblown vs the rest of the world. Price gouging, disease invention and massive TV ad spending all drive prices up needlessly at the Pharmacy. Consumers don't need these ads. They are banned everywhere but the U.S. And New Zealand and drug prices in those two countries are significantly higher than the rest of the world. Ban the ads - lower the price. Ads only create an artificial market. Ask any normal doctor. Ads do one thing and one thing only. They jack up the price. Let doctors prescribe - not amateurs who watch TV. Same with print ads.

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