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  • The US Should Not Get Involved with Hamas

    No, the US should stay out of the Hamas conflict. We have too many issues at home to be involving ourselves in other nation's conflicts. The US should focus it's spending on domestic issues such as improving education and health, and should stop trying to fight other countries' battles. We should especially avoid oil based conflict.

  • The U.S should continute to support Israeli efforts

    Israel is constantly being attacked and is only defending itself. The U.S should continue to provide aid to Israel. While the U.S. does play a large role in many middle eastern countries, the U.S does not directly need to intervene with Hamas. Funding Israel, and allowing them to continue to fight is more than enough.

  • No, the US Should not be doing more in Hamas.

    The US has been involved in far too many conflicts as of lately. The main problem is trying to stick to the credos of our founding fathers has gotten us immensely too involved around the world. This is the very basis of what the United Nations was founded for. While we can provide support, it should be through those channels.

  • I think US does enough

    I firmly believe that the United States has done all it can do to help out other countries. We give them plenty of financial support, not to mention, sending our troops over there to help boost morale. I feel American does not need to do anything else for Hamas or other countries.

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