• Yes, Foreign Aid Buys Influence

    Egypt is still in a rough, transitional phase, and the American government needs to be helping them get onto their feet. Egypt has always been a central player in geopolitics in the Middle East. Keeping them engaged is important, especially when it comes to protecting the national security of Israel.

    Posted by: rpr
  • This is pointless

    I think that egypt is just being greedy because they give us NOTHING. They hate America and couldn't care less about us. I really think Obama should just cut it with them. We give them sooooooooo much money and we get nothing at all, I just hate this whole idea.

  • USA should use the money to help their own.

    I personally think that with the income disparity in America, we need to focus on helping out the less fortunate people in our own country before we give anything to Egypt. I'm all for helping out other countries, but not at the detriment of our own. There are millions of people in our country who are not making living wages and that has to change.

  • Not with this leadership

    Confidence in the first elected leader of Egypt is minimal in Egypt and not very high abroad. Why inject this much money into a situation we don't have much faith in? We're all about throwing money around to fix problems overseas but if word one about addressing anything whatsoever here is brought up Congress packs their bags and goes on vacation.

  • The US Should Not Give Aid at the Expense of Americans

    While there are certainly political advantages to giving financial aid to Egypt, the US should not be giving away money when it is in no position to do so. We owe far too much on our national debt, for one thing. For another, government programs and services needed by Americans are being cut, and the foreign aid could be used to preserve at least some of these. The US should not be buying the alliance and cooperation of Egypt with foreign aid. Finally, Egypt has plenty of oil money. There is just no reason they can't make better use of their own money to build and provide for their people.

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