Should the US be involved in Middle Eastern affairs?

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  • As a country we have been asked to help them.

    In the past years we have been give the task of helping them and not deserting them. Our spec ops has trained many of their men how to fast rope and do other maneuvers that will help them in there fight against the Taliban in their country and it has helped.

    Posted by: JDL
  • US Needs to Be Involved in Middle Eastern Affairs

    Unfortunately, the United States needs to involve itself in Middle Eastern affairs. Terror groups from the region have dedicated themselves to destroying the U.S. and its citizens in every way possible. To prevent death and destruction, the U.S. needs to stop these threats at their source in the Middle East.

  • Yes, the United States needs to keep peace.

    Yes, the United States should be involved in Middle Eastern affairs, to the extent that it is necessary to maintain the peace and defend Israel's right to exist. There are many nations that have strong opinions about Israel and wish to harm it. It is very important to the United States, both strategically and militarily, to protect Israel.

  • U.S. Goals in the Middle East Must be Modest

    The audacity of the crusade's goals are matched by the magnitude of it's risks. Before September 11th, the Islamic radicals had been on the run, their project flagging. They had turned their talents against the U.S. only after suffering defeat on the primary battlegrounds of Algeria, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. To divide the world into good and evil, however effective that is as a means of building political support and however gratifying that may be to Americans.

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