• Paper is pollution.

    Look up "How It's Made, Copy Paper" on YouTube. Notice all the trees cut down, chemicals, smoke stacks, water wasted, etc.?

    Paper uses the most water out of any industry.

    Living in a paper free society is more than possible. We already have tablets and computers that can replace paper for most purposes, and most of the "paper" used in archives and money is actually a type of cloth. We can wipe our rears with a water jet like they do in Japan. All the technology is there.

  • Yes yes yes

    In his book, "Collapse", Jared Diamond shows that deforestation and over-population are, consistently, effective if one wants to ruin a state or society. Trees are NOT, quickly, renewable. Loss of greenery = loss of soil. If you do not understand the HORROR that is loss-of-soil, you really need to get back to school

  • I like doing stuff on papper

    I think computers are stupid. What happened to pencil and paper. Every class that i have in ninth grade we use are computers everyday. I THINK IT IS STUPID. Not everyone likes computers so i say we go back to using paper and penicillin. Thats what i think about it

  • No, at least not completely

    We should definitely reuse our paper and find sources for it in places other than the trees, but not get rid of paper completely. I just don't think we should have all our written material go down into tablets and computers, that's just not right. Paper is just nice. K

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