• Yes, we should become a socialist country.

    Or better yet, just admit we already are practicing socialism. Wealth redistribution dominates government spending. The state decides which jobs you can work(licenses), which products you can sell, which business you can engage in, and how much your labor is worth. The state can reallocate(steal) your property for the "public good", including transferring the property to another private citizen that can produce more revenue(tax dollars). And finally, the law system has become so overbearing, there is no such thing as a law abiding citizen. Without the right connections(or opinions), anybody can be incarcerated or impovished for breaking laws they never knew existed, without ever harming another individual. What part of your life belongs to you if, at any time, for imaginary reasons, the state can make the choice for you. At the very best, we should admit we do not own ourselves or the products of our labor, and work against the very worst before we lose the light handed masters. We should "become" a socialist country so that we have an identifyable low point to pick ourselves up from.

  • It is not a good idea.

    I am all for helping the least fortunate, but socialism takes it way too far. If I work hard for my money, why should I give so much of it up so that the person who didn't work as hard can have as much as I do? My parents grew up during communism in Russia, and I personally believe socialism is not any better.

  • No socialism here!

    The idea of socialism is appealing to a lot of people. That is not how our country was founded. Personally I believe we should build our own security and not depend on our government to supply basic needs. I am not against helping in need, but I feel that when you take away the incentive to earn and build your own security we will end up with a much lazier population. Besides, something or someone has to pay for all these services. It's called taxes and don't we already pay enough?

  • No, the US should not become a socialist country.

    The US should not become a socialist country. We should remain capitalist, and keep our ideals similar to when our country was founded. As the country ages, things change - things our founding fathers could never have predicted. However, socialism is not the answer. There is a variety of ways our country can improve without delving into socialism.

  • No, US should not become a socialist country

    I don't believe that the US should become a socialist country but I do think that the US should become more socially aware country. I think that the US is too capitalistic and democratic to turn 360 degrees and all of a sudden become a socialistic country. In my opinion, that would never work.

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