• It would benefit all involved parties

    The 3 main parties involved are the USA, France, and the territory. I'm suggesting the amount the territory would be sold for is $4 billion.

    1) It would benefit the USA because the USA could use the territory as a stronghold in South America. French Guinea could be renamed to American Guinea and statehood would be in it's future.

    2) It would benefit France because they would want to get rid of the territory. It costs them lots of money to sustain the territory and they don't get much out of it, just like with the Louisiana territory. $4 billion for the territory would help the French economy instead of hurting it.

    3) It would benefit the locals because they get US citizenship and US investment would help the place prosper. US populations moving into the territory would help Americanize the place. US investment has helped PR. Once it becomes more American than French, and once it has a high enough GDP per capita, it can be on it's way to statehood.

    Posted by: asta
  • No one should be able “own a country”

    No one should “own” water. No one should “own” parts of another’s country. (not even our government). They think everything Is theirs. These kinds of things are the citizens that were given by God to all. Our taxes pay for these things on kind of a lease from God because all things in Heaven and Earth belong to God.

  • Not worth the trouble.

    To the best of my knowledge, it's not even for sale. I doubt France would sell it at least until the gold mines run out. It has poor soil so it is dependent on imports. No real industry. A rapidly growing population, Most of the population is due to immigrants who are drawn to the gold mines that have caused much turmoil. My guess is, France will not sell until the gold runs out. After that, they might sell at a discount price but at that point, it would cost more than it will ever be worth.

  • You've got to be kidding

    It would be fine to have them as a territory, But only if it was their choice to do so, And they fully embrace the U. S. Constitution and cultural identity. Why should anyone pay France? If they are running it at a loss, If anything, Shouldn't they pay us to take it off their hands? It's not like France is some third world country, And America so wildly different that things would greatly change. . . Or are you trying to insult France. . . . Or dump a French mess of American taxpayers?

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