Should the US change it's government type? If so, to what?

Asked by: Godridden95
  • We need to make our system more democratic.

    We already have an oligarchy where our representatives act and are treated more like royalty than public servants. We need to change our system to where there is higher level of accountability from the representatives to the people, and a system where representatives and the wealthy are not treated as superiors.

    Posted by: NPd
  • Capitalism and alleged democracy are not working

    Above all, I believe our nation should separate based on political differences. The two parties disagreeing on everything are of no help to anyone. This system is allowing the people to vote on the lives of others and against what is right. All human beings deserve happiness and prosperity. The continued oppression of racial/religious minorities, women, the poor, and LGBT individuals shows that democracy is not always the best option. A majority vote means nothing if it is morally wrong. No one should be able to interfere with the rights of others so long as what the others are doing does not affect them (i.E. Gay marriage), and no one should be able to vote against helping those in desperate need. Some things should not be up for public vote, as many things are not the public's choice.

  • We need a higher turnover rate in Congress

    It is unbelievable how many congressmen and women get re-elected regardless of their policies. This past election, Congress had only an 11% approval rating. For some reason, over 96% of them were re-elected! The average voter is stupid and votes for names they recognize. What we really need is, like Adam2isback said, a more republican government in the sense that the average voter has less power. Also, there should be some kind of limit on how many terms a member of Congress can serve, similar to the two terms a President can remain in office. The two-party system has led to a lack of compromise. Voters should give Independent candidates more thought instead of checking off everyone in their party.

  • To a more republican government

    For the last 5 years we've had a democracy and mob rule from types like Obama. We need to change the government to what the right believes in -- republicanism, not democracy which is pure mob rule in its purest form. So there ya have it. We have too much democracy and not republicanism (and this is not necessarily a reference to the parties but actual types of governments).

  • Change is necessary

    The US government, in my opinion, should change from the corrupted half-assed democracy that we have to either an oligarchy of sorts or a monarch and a Senate of sorts that each have the power to veto each other; somewhat like the Executive and Legislative Branches, but without the political parties.

  • Change in type, no, End to corruption, yes

    I do not believe that our actual system needs to be changed. We have a great system when people are looking out for the good of each other and our country as a whole. Where the problem seems to be in our country is the uneducated voters going out and saying "I'm a republican I'M GOING TO VOTE REPUBLICAN". This leads me to believe a few simple things. One, political parties should be outlawed and more individual thinking promoted. Two, being in politics should be a public service not a way to become rich beyond your wildest dreams. Three, we need to make sure that we police ourselves as citizens and vote responsibly and research each candidate and what their stance is on important topics as well as what companies are backing them not just for who you think your friends and family like (don't get peer pressured). I love America and how things can run here when not being controlled by corrupt men and women. I hope that one day my two children will have the same ample amounts of opportunity I have had growing up in America.

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