Should the US citizens be allowed to have any type of weapon (excepting nuclear) that the Government can own?

Asked by: Amaturelogician
  • Governments should fear the people

    The whole reason we are free to own weapons in America is so we can successfully revolt and overthrow our government if it ever starts to think it is the boss. To that end, We must be better armed than the government to ensure we will win any future revolution. Furthermore, Governments have proven time and again that they cannot be trusted with weapons. By far, The greatest atrocities have all been committed by governments, And the only way to keep them in place is to be better armed than they are. Governments always try to make themselves the masters of the people every chance they get, And are violent by nature.

  • Yes to keep government at bay

    The second amendment to the united states constitution says a well regulated militia necessary for the preservation of a free state the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

    it covers all weapons' so that the people can protect ageist tyrannical governments both foreign and domestic in order that citizens need to be able to have an equal fight so yes all weapons' government can have citizen's should have

  • The 2nd Amendment was put into place so that the people can defend themselves from the government, Self defense and hunting were afterthoughts.

    Governments are notoriously power hungry and corrupt. To get more power governments need defenseless citizens, The right to bear arms was to ensure that when the government got to powerful the people could re-estate and revise the constitution to ensure freedom and the rule of law reigns. To those to believe that guns are dangerous, And that they should be banned there are two MAJOR flaws in your argument, 1, Criminals do not even follow the law, This is why they are criminals, If you estate a law taking everyone's guns away, And somehow the American people go with it, Then only the bad guys will have guns, And chaos will reign. 2nd, If you say that the founding fathers thought that it was ok for everyone to have guns because all they had was muskets, You'd be right to an extent, As they did not assume technology would grow as fast as it did, However, They were allowed muskets because the MILITARY also had muskets, Leaving the people just as much a threat to the state as possible. "When the people fear the government, There is tyranny, When the government fears the people, There is liberty" -- i don't remember who said that but I'm pretty sure it was Margret thatcher

  • No I find guns scary

    Guns are too scary i would rather live in a society where guns and violence don’t exist and where we don’t have school shootings and then I also don’t want to live in a society where everyone is so anti government to the point where the government goes anti people.

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