Should the US Congress Be Involved in Setting Drug Policies for Professional Sports?

  • Yes I think congress should get involved.

    With the fact that everyday Americans have to pass drug tests just for financial aid for the government, people who are getting thousands and hundred of thousands of dollars a year should defiently have to face the US Congress standards of drug abuse, and Congress should be able to put laws into affect that will affect them if they end up becoming drug or steroid user.

  • Opposing Congressional Involvement in Professional Sports' drug policies

    I am opposed to any congressional oversight of drug policies as it relates to professional sports. For one, it is redundant considering the fact that we already have laws that sanction drug sales and/or possession. Second, I do not see the issue of drug use among professional athletes as an issue that rises to the level of a need to be regulated by Congress, considering that there are more pressing matters before Congress that do. It is ultimately a private matter and would be best left to professional sports organizations as to how to discipline their athletes.

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